You’re a freelance web designer? Here are 3 ways to boost your productivity

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It’s healthy to onslaught with a effects of interference on occasion. Web designers aren’t defence from this. This is a generally a box with freelancers. They do not always work with rarely structured workflows or despotic schedules.

Does this sound like you? Maybe you’ve been looking for ways to minimize or equivocate those time-wasting episodes? Take heart! You don’t have to bear a vital lifestyle change to find a resolution to a problem.

It’s easy to keep procrastinating from gaining a top hand. We’ve put together 3 capability techniques to uncover we how it’s done. You can start currently – and start reaping a advantages today, as well!

Productivity Technique #1: Use Be Theme’s pre-built websites to finish your client’s work in 4 hours

What customarily causes a procrastination? It competence be a doubt as to how to get started on a pattern plan since of a client’s requirements. Also, it competence be your originality of a niche involved.

That simply won’t occur with Be Theme in your pattern toolkit. This multipurpose WordPress thesis has some-more than 300+ pre-designed websites. All of them are representing a largest collection of pre-built websites on a market.

Finding only a right pre-built website to compare a client’s needs takes mins during most. When you’ve found what we need, it takes though a single-click to install.

The result? Time saved, and capability improved, though frequency trying. And, being means to get a website adult and using in as small as 4 hours is another time saver. Not to discuss being a sure-fire approach of creation a patron happy!

Here’s a sampling of what Be’s users find helpful:

review representation 01review representation 01
review representation 02review representation 02
review representation 03review representation 03
review representation 04review representation 04
review representation 05review representation 05
review representation 06review representation 06
Here are 10 Be Theme pre-built designs we can use to emanate a full website in a matter of hours

Be Salmon

This pre-built website, with a large, interesting images, an interactive menu, and a territory clinging to patron testimonials will get your web pattern for a patron in this specific niche, off to a good start.


The confidant images, both before and after, together with a cost inventory for services section, put we good on a approach to formulating a professional-looking website any patron in this niche will love.


Any website dedicated to highlighting and scheduling meetings and events has a possess special facilities and characteristics. This pre-built website has them in spades, including an eye-catching countdown clock.


Have we ever had problems in a past removing started on a plan that calls for smoothness of a luxurious, silky-smooth website? Look no further. This pre-built website has an integrated eShop to boot.


It can be tough during times to come adult with a website pattern that speaks to a dictated audience; generally a childish one. Bold imagery tone combinations do a pretence here, as does a integrated eShop.


Here’s a hip pattern we can roughly hear. In fact, with this pre-built website’s integrated video and audio player, we can hear and see a action. An ominous blog territory adds a ideal touch.


Can we suppose any improved approach to stir a client, or a visitors to a client’s website, than to embody juicy images inside a online menu? Couple those with a print gallery and inexhaustible About Us page, and you’ve got a winner!


Creatives can infrequently be formidable clients to prove (they’re always certain they couldhave come adult with a improved design). This clean, elementary design, considerable gallery, and a integrated display video will offer we well.


Whether your patron is looking for an eLearning platform, or only a place to pointer adult for courses or classes, this pre-built website has a facilities needed: an discerning menu, attention-getting video thumbnails, and an easy-to-navigate events calendar.


The contention competence be a formidable and perfectionist one, though formulating a website for a patron in this niche can be comparatively simple, when we start with this pre-built website with a sharp, elementary design, purify structure, and well-organized content.
Productivity Technique #2: Be some-more stretchable instead of forcing yourself into a despotic report

There are times when perplexing to belong to a despotic report can be some-more of a interruption than a help. You finish adult violence your conduct opposite a wall.

At a same time, relaxation adult and being some-more stretchable would seem to be counterproductive. It isn’t.

force yourself a scheduleforce yourself a schedule

Freelancers mostly get most some-more finished when they supplement a lurch or dual of coherence to their workflow, such as:

  • When we feel stuck, take a break. Go for a walk. Better yet, go for one with your dog (or cruise removing one, if we don’t have one). Take a coffee mangle with a friend. Your brain, meanwhile, will continue to work your problem.
  • Make a to-do list, though make it a ubiquitous one. A list of really specific tasks can simply spin overwhelming. If we get hung adult on one task, your whole report can take a hit. Give yourself a small slack; so, if we can’t finish a charge one day, it’s OK to finish it a next.
Productivity Technique #3: Calculate how most capability costs we any day

This technique is formed on a really elementary idea. It is easier to calculate a cost of squandered time, than an boost in capability due to time saved.

productivity costproductivity cost

Calculating how most interference is costing we any day is a absolute motivator.

You competence be charging by a hour or by a assignment as a freelancer. Either way, we should be means to calculate your normal hourly fee. At a finish of any day, guess how many hours you’ve wasted. Multiply a series by your hourly fee, and write a answer down on a gummy note.

Keep it in front of you. Do a same any day. Before long, you’ll be operative tough to keep a series to a minimum, to keep those $$ from drifting out a door.

When a income you’re saving any day reaches a certain point; prerogative yourself!


These are 3 techniques to boost your capability as a freelance web designer:

  • Make Be Theme your web-building apparatus of choice (you can put together a website in 4 hours)
  • Don’t be fearful to be some-more stretchable when scheduling your work
  • Calculate what procrastinating, or other idle time is costing we any day
  • The best partial about these techniques is that we have a powerful, easy-to-work-with apparatus to support you. Also, we don’t have to force yourself into a parsimonious schedule, and we don’t have to spin your lifestyle upside down.

    Take your dog for a walk, and consider it over!!

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