Why Grandmas Will Be Able to Build an App by 2020

(Editor’s note: This guest post is contributed by Yoav Vilner.)

Have we ever compared today’s digital universe to that of a 1990s? If a tech geek from that epoch could have perceived a glance of a record we use nowadays, he wouldn’t be wrong to proportion it to a unconventional sci-fi world that he’d have usually review about in novels.

With any flitting year, record that was once with in a strech of tech elites usually is becoming some-more permitted to those with singular technical skills. In a few brief years, we could see elementary mobile app growth spin permitted to anyone with a few hours and an idea.

So, in this article, we will tell we a reasons that’ll make focus growth a skill so common that even grandmas will be means to emanate an app in a nearby future. Let’s review on.

Tech and Accessibility

In a 1990s, a ten-year-old building his possess website was seen as a foreboding of technical greatness. His relatives would substantially have compared him to Bill Gates and personally counted down a days until their millionaire son paid for their gentle retirement.

But today? A student of an facile propagandize building a website competence spin a heads of some Baby Boomers, though it wouldn’t stir a Millennial squad. Anyone can emanate an comment on one of a hundreds of drag-and-drop WYSIWYG website builders and have their possess website adult and regulating in a day or two.


Similarly, there is a engorgement of platforms that assistance we build an app on a bill – quickly, and with no coding believe required.

This brings a incomparable law to aspect i.e. a tech that vacant us 10 years ago has spin so increasingly permitted that — during a risk of sounding cliche — even your grandmother could use it.

In a brief time, no one will bat an eye when ten-year-olds (or grandparents, for that matter) make their possess app and launch it on a app store. As modernized technology improves and becomes increasingly ubiquitous, reduction believe will be compulsory to build your own.

Cheap and effective education

In a 1990s, if we wanted to learn how to formula we had usually a palm full of options available. Most of these options were costly – positively too expensive for kids, seniors on a firm income or hobbyists to learn.

One could usually study programming by a college degree – firm by age extent and financial restraints or by self-learning that concerned massive textbooks and certainly no mentor. That’s it, no other option.


However today, this couldn’t be reduction true. There are dozens of glorious online coding courses, schools, and communities where we can learn from basis to many modernized levels of programming.

There are even resources that are custom-designed for specific people, either they’re hobbyists, children, or comparison students by that we can go from beginner to junior developer-level in 3 months.

Communities propel programmers

Today’s universe distinguishes itself from a yesteryears not usually by training opportunities in programming, though there is also an abundance of resources that a developer of 90’s could usually dream of.

There are countless communities and resources that concede we to use thousands of open-source components in your possess applications. In fact, there are certain companies that are wholly formed on this thought and capacitate any developer to share existent components of source code opposite their projects and with others on their group or a community.

This kind of “lego-like” modularity lowers a barriers for new developers to emanate applications. Bit, for instance, is an open source plan that is developed by a village of developers.


Coding communities around a web are full of seasoned developers who are peaceful to share and assistance new programmers tackle problems. Sites like Hashnode, concede aspiring programmers to ask questions and accept answers from some-more gifted programmers.

Similarly, GitHub allows programmers to share their open-source projects with a broader community, who can afterwards change them and attend in their development.

Grandma’s app is entrance soon

Eventually, app growth will go a approach of a website. There are already drag-and-drop solutions out there that make building elementary apps a breeze. As these platforms benefit some-more popularity, some-more people that we wouldn’t design to have an seductiveness in app growth will come out of a woodwork and give it a shot.

In short, within a few brief years, grandma won’t need your assistance regulating an app; she’ll be building one herself.

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