Why Being a “Follower” Isn’t All Bad

In a leadership-obsessed culture, being noted a supporter is mostly symbolized as one’s inability or weakness. Those in assign are glorified, while supporters tend to blur into a background. Pick any MBA module and you’ll see how they honour themselves in their ability to learn care skills to their students, totally circumventing a merits of followership.

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I mostly come opposite write-ups, workshops, novel and personal growth seminars formed on a thesis of “Be a leader, not a follower”. Apparently, there isn’t anything wrong about call people to take care position, however the approach ‘being a follower’ is framed in such a disastrous inference warrants concern.

In this post, we will try to highlight some of a many improved aspects about being a follower and because it could presumably be good for you.

Note: In a context of this article, a universe “follower” is used for someone in a subordinate position in a corporate sourroundings or organization.

1. The Virtue of Loyalty

Loyalty is one of a many critical traits an classification requires from a workforce in sequence to stay forward of a game. To good followers, a trait of faithfulness comes naturally. They have a ability to work on a tasks reserved to them with a strong devotion and joining to a goals of their organization.

Another approach supporters use faithfulness is by active appearance in thought generation as good as giving recommendation on matters that seem to tumble into a grey area. Instead of being garland of yes-men, they pronounce out and consistently seeks to participate in a long-term interests of a organization.

That being said, not all supporters uncover a same turn of frankness and commitment. Some supporters are constant to their leader, others are constant to a organization regardless of who is heading it, and there are those who usually uncover faithfulness to their own interests.

No matter who is during a receiving finish of dedication, loyalty is roughly always a partial and parcel of followership.

2. Teamwork Abilities

Followers always work in a team. Even if we are a usually follower, we and your higher will automatically work together as a squad. Therefore, a spirit of teamwork and collaboration is embedded in each follower’s personality.



As teamwork is one of those judgment skills that can be eliminated and practical to any filed, being a supporter vouches for your capability of operative in a team, hence adding value to your form as an fit employee.

3. Invisible Influence

This matter might be loyal that an classification is usually as good as a leaders, however, it is also loyal that an classification is usually half as good but a followers.

A ubiquitous myth about supporters is that they ratify whatever their superiors tell them. When in existence good supporters deposit time and appetite in creation sensitive judgments about a tasks that are assigned and significantly change a outcome.

Take for instance, any plan on that a organisation of supporters is working. When although, a celebrity or administrator might be means to beam and conduct a project, even then, from source to execution, it will reflect a ideas and abilities of his subordinates.

Today’s bureau sourroundings is noted by a prosaic hierarchy, fast rising record and well-networked organizational culture, all of that has altered a dynamics of being a follower, giving them some-more power.

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In comparison with their superiors, subordinates might miss authority; however, they positively do not miss energy and influence.

4. Best Leadership Materials

It is generally a miss of recognition and bargain that creates us forget that on a other side of care is a misunderstood judgment of followership. A good and fit supporter embodies certain sold traits that enable him to grow towards an effective care position.

One of a best things about being a supporter is that it teaches we to be aware of a needs of a people around, to review them and understand what might be their motivational or demotivation factors.

Leaders who have been into followership position have a improved thought as how to lead people in a certain instruction and move out a best in them.

Similarly, a aspect of good settlement that is an essential partial of a leader’s training, can be learnt while being a follower.

As supporters are mostly faced with hurdles of judging, decision-making and resolution finding during grassroot levels, such capacities can be simply translated into making bigger and some-more essential decisions on a care level.

Although not each supporter aspires to be a leader, nevertheless, one can't mature gradually towards a obliged and lawful position without demonstrating an ability to follow and duty effectively in a group.

As Aristotle highlighted this judgment many centuries ago saying, “He who’s never schooled to conform can’t be a good commander.”

Bottom Line

In today’s rarely rival veteran world, we are constantly speedy to essay for a care role. we privately consider that it is totally fit to aspire swell and promotion, generally when we have worked so tough in your career.

However, seeing followership as a derogative cause causes we some-more mistreat than good.

Being a supporter is not only something we do until we turn a leader. Instead a merits of followership need commitment, partnership and resolution anticipating that are during a core of each successful organization’s strength.

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