Which kinds of links are many profitable for high rankings?

What does link-building demeanour like right now? What strategy work? Is it all about peculiarity calm or do some-more untrustworthy strategy still get results? 

Glen Allsop of ViperChill posted another glorious essay recently, distilling a commentary from his possess primer research of 1,000 hunt results.

He looks during a couple structure of several sites, perplexing to discern a kinds of links that assistance some sites rank, a strategy (white shawl and not-so white hat) used by sites to rank, and a effects of factors like series of links and word count.

It’s a beast of a post – some-more than 5,000 difference I’d speculation – though truly value a read. All I’ll do here is list some of a pivotal lessons from Glen’s analysis.

The many common backlinks are natural

Glen found that healthy (i.e. earned) backlinks tip a chart, that is as it should be.

prominent backlink forms viperchill

However, a investigate also found that many high ranking websites have some really low peculiarity backlinks. They are things like forum pages, blog comments, and non-English Blogspot blogs. They’re not earned, though can be simply created.

Indeed, a new demeanour during Skyscanner’s considerable hunt rankings suggested something similar. There are peculiarity links there, though copiousness that could be classed as ‘low-quality’. Perhaps these are a outcome of comparison couple building efforts, who knows?

Link volume does not influence ranking

It’s about peculiarity not quantity. As this draft shows, a volume of backlinks does not relate with ranking.

backlinks number

Variety of joining domains helps

Obvious perhaps, though good to reinforce. A accumulation of links from opposite domains matters most some-more than volume.


Longer calm and high rankings

There have been a few studies suggesting a association between longer form calm and aloft hunt rankings.

It creates sense, as in theory, longer calm can be some-more approaching to prove a user (it’s detailed, covers pivotal questions etc), and in spin some-more approaching to attract links.

Glen’s information backs this indicate up. The normal word count on all formula was 1,762, and aloft depends tended to relate with aloft rankings.

word-count-1 (1)

Link building strategy that still work

A few weeks ago, we talked about another anticipating around sitewide footer links used by some sites, and how strategy like this assistance a ‘rich get richer’ in hunt (this was another anticipating from ViperChill).

In this article, Glen looks during how Houzz uses a widget to  mbed dozens of hard-coded links in a websites of those who host it. It seems this tactic is still in use.

Good calm still works

Writing peculiarity calm to attract links is still an glorious tactic. Evergreen content is pivotal to this.

The instance used here is a beginners beam to a Paleo diet, from a nerdfitness blog. It has captivated links from 800 domains and continues to broach trade to this day.

paleo diet

Why does it still attract links? Four reasons:

  • High ranking. It’s adult there right now, so when people demeanour for resources to couple to, there it is.
  • It’s a good article. It’s there since it serves a need. It’s also extensive that means people don’t need to demeanour elsewhere.
  • Internal links. The sidebar on a homepage links to a post so it continues to accumulate traffic.
  • Loyal audience. The site has an intent assembly who conclude and couple to a content.

Dodgy strategy can still work

There are still copiousness of indeterminate strategy that are assisting websites grasp high rankings.

For example, this .info site has 195,000 links from 242 domains, that’s some-more than 800 per domain. I’m ‘sure’ they’re all earned, healthy links though…


The investigate found reduction private blog networks than expected, though also finds that they still work.

In summary

I’ve usually scratched a aspect of a investigate here, so please check out a full article for most more. It is itself a good instance of formulating peculiarity (and long-form) calm that attracts links. I’m certain we won’t be a usually site joining to it.

Graham Charlton is Editor in Chief during ClickZ Global.

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