What Facebook Image Recognition Technology Knows About Your Photos

Many Facebook users are substantially wakeful of a fact that a amicable network use has some form of design approval record underneath a hood. After all, this is how Facebook is means to suggest a right friends in that to tab your photos with.

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How to See Every Photo Someone Liked on Facebook

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Tagging friends aside, did we know that Facebook’s design approval record also helps them tab your photos with specific parameters? If you’re meddlesome in looking during those tags yourself, here’s how we can entrance them.

  1. On a Facebook website, open an lengthened chronicle of a photo.
  2. If you’re on Google Chrome, right-click on a design and name Inspect. If you’re on other browsers, open adult a browser’s Developer Tools.
  3. Search for a “alt charge of a design tag” in a Developer Tools.

Once you’ve managed to find a image’s alt attribute, you’ll be means to see all of a tags that are compared with a design past a word “Image might content”.

image contentimage content
image by contentimage by content

For a many part, a tags compared with a photos are rather accurate. That being said, a design approval complement doesn’t seem to work good with cinema that aren’t photos such as cinema and screenshots.

In these cases, there is a possibility that you’ll see this rather than design tags instead.

pictures formatpictures format

For those of we who would like these tags to be some-more visible, Chrome has a accessible extension that lets takes a tags and creates it manifest on a photos themselves.

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