Want to try out macOS Touch Bar from an iPad? Here’s how.

Want to try out a Touch Bar but picking adult a new MacBook Pro? You’re in luck. There is an iPad penetrate out there that lets we try out a Touch Bar.

You will need 2 things:

  1. iPad with Xcode installed, and
  2. Mac updated to run macOS Sierra build chronicle

Once we have both inclination ready, conduct over to a Touch Bar Demo App’s Github page and download a application to your Mac. When a download is complete, extract a downloaded ZIP record and place it into your Applications folder.

As a iPad does not support a Touch Bar natively, you’re going to have to rely on Xcode to implement a application.

Your subsequent pierce is to implement a Touch Bar onto your iPad. Open a TouchBar.xcodeproj folder on your Mac, connect your iOS device to your Mac, and name a TouchBarClient aim and a iPad.

TouchBarClient on ipadTouchBarClient on ipad

If finished correctly, your iPad will now have a Touch Bar application. Launching it will move we to a mostly vacant shade with a Touch Bar located during a bottom of a screen.

You can now use a Touch Bar on your iPad and see a changes on your Mac (check it out in this video right here).

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