Visualize Any CSS Stylesheet with CSS Stats

Ever wondered how many CSS manners are in a stylesheet? Or have we ever wanted to see a visual representation of all a colors used in one CSS file? With CSS Stats, we can block in any website and pull a garland of tender CSS data to prove your curiosity.

And this web app goes so most deeper than only display all a colors for a stylesheet. You can daydream all z-index values, all rise sizes, all media queries and even see a visual specificity graph.

hongkiat css statshongkiat css stats

This app covers so most that it’s most unfit to devour all in one sitting. It will give we a extensive overview of any website only by showcasing what’s in their stylesheet.

To get started, revisit a CSS Stats website and plug in any URL we wish. You could also collect from a series of suggested sites such as Facebook, Apple, and Pinterest (among others).

On a formula page, you’ll see a total CSS record size in kilobytes, along with a list of a most ordinarily used properties declarations. This all appears as one prolonged list of numbers so it can be treacherous to review during first.

But a some-more we use this app a some-more fun it gets! Here’s a list of everything you’ll find on a stats page:

  • Total # of properties, selectors, and rules
  • All font colors with examples conjuration codes
  • All background colors with examples conjuration codes
  • All font sizes with examples
  • List of font families
  • List of all z-index values
  • A bar draft of total/unique CSS declarations
  • Specificity graph
  • Total ruleset size
  • All media queries
  • The raw CSS code along with URL links to a individual CSS files

CSS Stats is intelligent adequate to lift all CSS files and merge that information together. The developers put a lot of bid into this thing to get it operative only right.

And, a additional overwhelming partial is a full GitHub repo with source formula for a whole project. So, we can download this and re-host it on your possess server (locally or otherwise) to play around if we wanna puncture into a code.

mozilla specificity css graphsmozilla specificity css graphs

You have a choice of pulling any particular CSS file or parsing all a stylesheets on a singular domain. There’s so most we can learn from study this apparatus and it offers deeper discernment for developers who get down into a nitty-gritty details.

To exam for yourself, only revisit CSS Stats and block in a website. You’ll be vacant how most information is accessible and how most we can learn from such a uncomplicated tool.

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