Viewer — Simple Image Zooming Plugin for Vanilla JS & jQuery

You can do a discerning hunt and find dozens of libraries for picture lightboxes, slideshows, galleries, we name it.

One of a newest libraries that held my courtesy is Viewer. Currently in chronicle 0.6, it’s still a plan underneath development, though this picture plugin’s pattern and features are both phenomenal.

From a homepage, you’ll find a live demo with several picture styles. You can select to set your possess gallery to opposite features like approach zooming with a singular image, or a extensive slideshow housing many images.

This also comes with an “inline mode” that attaches a picture spectator to an component on a page. So when a user clicks a thumbnail it’ll wizz a photo inside that component rather than on tip of a whole page.

viewer picture scriptviewer picture script

You’ll find buttons for flattering most everything: rotations, additional captions, and full 1:1 zooming to get a transparent perspective of hi-res photos.

With a few JS options you confirm how a Viewer book should work. Don’t wish to let visitors wizz into pictures? No problem.

You can also invalidate a slideshow feature, or only invalidate a next/prev buttons in a UI. Same goes for a thumbnail pics that seem when a slideshow is in full view.

viewer picture slideshow pluginviewer picture slideshow plugin

Also, note this book has a non-jQuery version if we cite vanilla JS. Both plugins work a same approach and they’re both in active development. Everything we need to customize this interface can be found on a main GitHub page.

If you’re large into coding your possess UIs afterwards Viewer is a really cold plugin. It offers so much control over any slideshow’s behavior that we can restructure this into flattering most anything we want.

Web developers will have a margin day operative with all a options in this giveaway picture script.

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