View & Share Your Sketch Mockups Online with Sketch Viewer

If we do pattern work afterwards we know how formidable it is to say chronicle control. Date-based record names can work though infrequently you’ll wish a workflow that’s a small some-more powerful.

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That’s what we get with Sketch Viewer, an online webapp done for sharing Sketch record previews and organizing versions of Sketch files. The site has a drag-and-drop interface that lets we simply share all your digital designs with anyone.

sketch viewersketch viewer

You can create mixed directories for opposite projects and share them individually with group members, or share all your files publicly with anyone. You’ll never have difficulty collaborating or delivering assets.

Sketch Viewer is totally giveaway to use and it connects with your Google or Facebook account.

However this does not work like a storage app such as Dropbox. It’s some-more of a presentation apparatus so we can uncover off all your artboards and pattern styles in one place. You don’t need to download any program or have anything other than Sketch on your machine.

You only drag your blueprint record onto a webpage and watch it upload. Each artboard gets a possess perspective and a interface lets we pan, zoom, and swipe around with ease.

preview blueprint spectator apppreview blueprint spectator app

Check out a sample demo if we wish to see how this works with a live project. You can appropriate around to see all a opposite art play and their names.

But we can also click a Latest Version couple during a tip to check out before versions. This approach we can go by all changes to see how you’ve softened or what we did improved in before designs.

Overall Sketch Viewer is super easy to use and it’s a simplest browser-based app for pity designs online. I’ve nonetheless to see anything identical for Photoshop so this is a singular apparatus for Sketch users. And with a cost tab of giveaway we won’t need anything else for pattern presentations.

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