Video Calling gets rolled out onto WhatsApp

WhatsApp now lets we send content messages to your contacts, or call them directly. Soon, you’ll be means to do video calls with your WhatsApp contacts as well.

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The underline is being rolled out and it requires both sides to have a underline active before we can try it out (so make certain we get your WhatsApp updated to a latest version).

To do a video call, all we need to do is go to your Contacts menu, and tap on a video camera icon. Alternatively, we can start a video call by drumming on a phone button located during a top right palm side of a review room, and name the video call option found in a dialog box.

video contactvideo contact

If we don’t wish to wait, we can download a APK for WhatsApp beta chronicle 2.16.381 from APK Mirror to give it a spin.

Source: Android Authority

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