Vectr Offers Free Graphics Editor for Browser & Desktop

How many times have we wanted to whip adult a discerning vector icon or elementary interface design? This is most easier with a module like Sketch, though all good pattern module also costs money.

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Thankfully there’s a new child on a retard named Vectr and it’s holding a pattern universe by storm. It’s completely free and we can design anything from websites to imitation adverts and even tradition icons. Plus there’s roughly no training bend and if we have some credentials believe in matrix pattern you’ll collect this adult with small effort.

Vectr works in a browser and has a desktop app we can download to run locally. It’s a best of both worlds and for a giveaway module it comes with plenty.

vectr homepagevectr homepage

While operative online we can generate a tradition URL for your documents and share for live collaboration. This is a bit like InVision though it’s giveaway and focused essentially on matrix work.

Everything we emanate online is auto-saved and stored in a cloud. This means we can work on your matrix projects from any mechanism and save your swell as we go.

It also creates smoothness a whole lot easier when we can share final designs right by a browser. With such a elementary training bend it’s easy for managers and producers to burst into files and start creation adjustments.

screenshot vectr appscreenshot vectr app

Each Vectr record has a possess chronicle control complement so we can simply roll behind changes to progressing versions. And any record supports annotations and comments that assistance designers classify their changes.

Everything we do can be saved online and even shared in a open collection of resources. This helps a village and offers user-created templates for new Vectr users to start with. The Vectr interface is also easy to customize with plugins done by other users, or plugins we build yourself with a board API.

You can puncture a bit deeper with Vectr’s custom tutorials directed during anyone regardless of background. The site also has a free user guide that offers a really peaceful introduction to a interface.

And if you’re still not certain because Vectr is so overwhelming afterwards check out a 2-minute demo video below.

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