Vecteezy Has a Pretty Cool Browser-Based Vector Editor And It’s Free

There’s no necessity of free matrix websites to assistance designers find peculiarity scalable graphics. But there’s a resource, Vecteezy, that only took this a step serve with their own in-browser matrix modifying tool.

With a Vecteezy Editor, we can build any matrix we wish right from your web browser—and best of all it’s completely free.

There’s no limit to what we can emanate regulating vectors from elementary cartoon characters to more minute infographics. But many of these tasks require software such as Illustrator. This is because Vecteezy’s editor is so valuable. It helps non-designers who wish to customize icons but profitable for software.

Since Vecteezy already has a outrageous library it’s easy to crop and find existent graphics we like. But what if we wish to make changes to a color, size, or proportions?

Typically, you’d need to download a .ai or .eps files and revise them with Illustrator. Now, we can edit files directly from a browser. But how does this work?

First, find a matrix container we like. I’ve comparison these giveaway shawl icons. On that matrix page, you’ll notice a button with a content “Edit Download” off to a side. Click this symbol to immediately access a modifying interface.

edit symbol vecteezyedit symbol vecteezy

It’ll import your comparison vector and give we all a tools along a left-hand side of a screen. These work only like Illustrator where we have a preference tool, form tool, and even a tradition coop tool. The coop lets we edit anchor points in existent vectors and even create code new vectors from scratch!

Plus, many of a same Adobe keyboard shortcuts have been combined to this editor. For instance, we can use CTRL / CMD with + / to zoom in or out. And if we reason a space pivotal and drag we can pan all over a canvas.

The editor shade is surprisingly responsive, so it loads flattering quickly, nonetheless it only supports complicated browsers with HTML5 board API support.

screenshot of vecteezy editorscreenshot of vecteezy editor

One wily thing to note is a selection tool. It can be tough getting an accurate selection when you’re perplexing to click a really tiny aspect of a vector (like a flower in these hats). But if we zoom in tighten enough we can click to name and get all a properties in one window.

Once an intent is selected, we can change a matrix element’s color, stroke, fill style, or size from a left-hand menu. And if we have a Vecteezy comment we can save your work to keep modifying over mixed days/weeks during a time.

This all-browser matrix editor is the initial of a kind and it’s a insubordinate web app for designers. Vecteezy’s editor might be a best apparatus for determined designers to practice modifying vectors but dropping any income on software.

To learn some-more you, can revisit a landing page or click a “Edit” button on any matrix page from a site.

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