Using Git on Android – Free Tools and Guide

The biggest plea as good as need for freelancers and remote teams is to “go mobile” nowadays. Although mobile formula editors assistance programmers to rise on a go, though mobile support for chronicle control systems like Git, developers frequency use such IDEs.

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There are, however, some apps to setup and use Git repositories on Android platform. Git Clients, Servers and IDEs for Android assistance coders to formula on a go and push a same to cloud repos on GitHub, BitBucket and others or to a inner repository. That’s not all, we can also create and counterpart repos, checkout and combine branches and do most more.

In this post, we’re going to share a best giveaway collection for regulating Git on Android inclination and a few step-by-step tutorials on how to do a quickstart with Git repos regulating one of a tools.

Android Git tools


SGit is positively a best Git customer for Android. It’s an open-source module that supports all a elementary facilities of any such client. The app stores all a repositories in your phone’s inner storage, gripping your private repos secure from thieves and hackers.

Moreover, it’s being actively grown and comes with a following facilities (at a time of writing):

  • Creates and deletes inner repos
  • Adds and clones remote repos
  • Pulls from and pushes to remote repos
  • Checkouts and merges branches and tags
  • Browses and diffs commits from a repo
  • Edits and saves files (using outmost editors)
  • Highlights syntax when browsing a files
SGit [Git Client]SGit [Git Client]


  • Provides dim thesis for night usage
  • Allows importing repos from a computer
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS and SSH protocols
  • Supports user/pass and SSH pivotal authentications
  • Supports selecting storage office for inner repos
  • Allows selecting of code’s denunciation for syntax highlighting


  • Doesn’t yield content editor natively
  • Doesn’t support SD label for storage

AIDE, Android IDE, is an integrated growth sourroundings for writing Java and observation Android projects on a Android platform, like how Eclipse or Android Studio does for desktop systems.

It provides facilities for a full build-compile-run cycle. The app provides interactive coding guides and step-by-step instructions for essay and compiling code.

The app has got an intuitive user interface for a well-spoken experience for new users. It has a abounding editor and provides refactoring and smart formula navigation along with real-time checking of errors.

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Additionally, AIDE also integrates elementary facilities of a Git customer including:

  • Edits and saves formula files
  • Commits and discards files or changes
  • Pushes to and pulls from remote repos
  • Branches from and merges to a repos
  • Provides a built-in content editor for observation files
AIDE [Git integrated IDE]AIDE [Git integrated IDE]


  • Supports SSH custom for a connection
  • Cons:

    • Doesn’t support cloning repos

    Git is a super-basic and read-only Git customer for Android. The app gives offline entrance to your remote Git repositories (from GitHub, BitBucket and others) though doesn’t benefaction all compulsory facilities offering by other clients.

    Git provides several elementary facilities such as:

    • Clones remote repos to your device
    • Browses files and logs from a repos
    • Checkouts branches and tags from repos
    • Pulls changes from start (of remote repos)
    • Supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols
    Git [Git Client]Git [Git Client]


    • It’s elementary to use


    • Doesn’t support SSH protocol
    • App crashes while cloning a repo, sometimes

    Gidder is a Git server for Android same as GitHub, BitBucket GitLab or others. It’s like carrying your possess GitHub projects with we on a go. That also means more confidence for your supportive projects.

    The app works on tip of an SSH server and lets people entrance a projects regulating WiFi. It allows multiple users to entrance a repositories (if permitted) and do operations on a repos. It provides following facilities for regulating repos over inner wireless network:

    • Creates, edits and deletes repos
    • Allows cloning repos from a server
    • Supports lift to and lift from repos
    • Creates, edits and deletes users that can entrance repos
    • Activates or deactivates a Git server when WiFi switches on/off
    • Integrates Dynamic DNS support for people operative in opposite networks
    Gidder [Git Server]Gidder [Git Server]


    • Its SSH-based server improves a tie security
    • Allows assigning permissions to users for tranquil access


    Git Repository Server

    Git Repository Server is another Git server for Android that’s utterly identical in facilities to Gidder. The app performs good for hosting Git repos locally on your smartphone similar to how GitHub, BitBucket or others horde your projects on their servers.

    It allows we to lift your projects with we on a run. Its use of your phone’s inner storage ensures your projects are protected from random deletion or theft. It mostly does all a compulsory pursuit and avails facilities listed below:

    • Creates, edits and deletes repos
    • Supports cloning repos from a server
    • Starts with boot, i.e., auto-starts when phone starts
    • Creates, revise and deletes users for accessing a repos
    • Allows environment Dynamic DNS if your networks keep changing
    Git Repository Server [Git Server]Git Repository Server [Git Server]


    • Provides SFTP storage too as a secure record storage
    • Supports Maven repos detached from Git for gripping plan files
    • Allows environment user permissions for rule-based tranquil access


    • Doesn’t operates over SSH

    Using SGit on Android

    I’d like to take this event to uncover we how to use Git on Android. To do this, I’m regulating SGit as a example. Let’s demeanour during how we can counterpart a remote repository and emanate a inner repository with SGit.

    Clone a Remote Repository regulating SGit
    1. Open a SGit client, if we have not already.
    2. Tap on a + idol (in a movement bar) to supplement a new repository
    3. Enter a remote repo’s URL and a inner name
    4. Enter a username and cue too if box it’s a private repository and if it requires your user certification for cloning
    5. Click on a Clone button. SGit will counterpart (download) a remote repo locally.
    Clone a Remote Repository regulating SGitClone a Remote Repository regulating SGit

    Create a Local Repository regulating SGit
    1. Tap on a + idol (in a movement bar) to supplement a new repository.
    2. Click on a Init Local symbol to emanate a inner repository.
    3. Enter a name of your inner repository.
    4. Click on a Init button. SGit will emanate a inner repository per a filled details.
    Create a Local Repository regulating SGitCreate a Local Repository regulating SGit

    That’s all about collection and guides for regulating Git on Android. Do we already use Git or rise formula on your Android? We’d like to hear about your knowledge of coding on a go.

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