Use This Launch Checklist for Every New Site You Build

Designing and coding a website takes a lot of courteous effort. However, indeed getting a site online and fully optimized is a whole other chore.

With this Web Launch Checklist, we can puncture into all a vital points of a new website to make certain we cover everything. This includes basic opening tips such as loading time though also covers critical tasks such as SEO, content, security, and accessibility.

Each object in a checklist has a small and (+) sign that we can click for some-more details.

This approach we can learn about any step and maybe collect adult some tips we didn’t even consider about! It’s one of a some-more finish web launch checklists and it covers flattering most all we need to do for a code new site.

These days it still takes a while for Google to rank your content, with newer domains holding 10-12 months before they see genuine traffic.

But, if we have good loading times, optimized content, and correct SEO in place afterwards your site will have a most easier time pulling organic visitors.

Thankfully, this checklist is also sincerely new, so it covers some of a newer techniques such as HTTP/2 implementation.

Checklist launch infoChecklist launch info

No matter what form of site you’re rising or how distant along we are in a process, this checklist will keep we on track.

One of a best facilities here is a ability to save your progress between any check. The site automatically sets a cookie for any equipment we check off, so we don’t need an comment or any special password.

Just check off a equipment as they’re finished and pierce onto a subsequent task. You can also download this checklist as a PDF record or a DOCX for Microsoft Word.

Plus, a whole plan is open-sourced on GitHub, so you’re giveaway to download a internal duplicate yourself to add/remove anything we don’t wish on a list.

Great site with copiousness of value for web designers who constantly forget small tasks before launching.

And, if we have any questions or suggestions for a creator Harris Thompson we can twitter him directly @HarrisJT_.

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