Unobtrusive Website Toolbars to Help Increase User Engagement

User rendezvous is one of a categorical goals of a website owner. You wish your visitors to vote, take questionnaires, fill in forms, or share your site on amicable media etc. But during a same time you don’t wish to provoke your visitors with ‘in your face’ pop-ups or call to movement notifications. What can assistance we with that is useful nonetheless pointed website toolbar.

So in this post, we have a collection of scripts and services that concede we to send unimportant notifications, or messages to your readers while they revisit your website.Let’s take a look.

Hello Bar – Hello Bar has both free and a reward versions of a presentation bar with extraordinary features trimming from analytics to A/B testing. It has easy to use dashboard where we can add, customize, and preview a presentation bar on your website for opposite purposes.

Hello BarHello Bar

WordPress Notification Bar – An easy to setup plugin, WordPress Notification Bar will help we to emanate gummy presentation bar for your website.

WordPress Notification BarWordPress Notification Bar

WP Notification Bars – The useful WP Notification Bars plugin allows to supplement tradition presentation and warning bars to your website. It has total tone options.

WP Notification BarsWP Notification Bars

Top Bar – Top Bar is a easiest approach to supplement a elementary purify presentation bar to your site. What we see is what we get.

Top BarTop Bar

GC Message Bar – A ideal plugin that helps to expostulate some-more visitors to your site and constraint some-more leads. You can supplement a good CTA with an eye-catchy presentation bar.

GC Message BarGC Message Bar

Notification Bar for WordPress – It is a manageable plugin that helps we to set adult a good presentation bar on your site.

Notification Bar for WordPressNotification Bar for WordPress

WP Notification Bar Pro – A tradition presentation plugin that allows we to supplement several presentation bars, such as countdown timer, Twitter feed, mention check, and more.

WP Notification Bar ProWP Notification Bar Pro

Notification Bar Plugin – A cold plugin that can supplement presentation bar to your website with some fluctuating features, so we can use any content.

Notification Bar PluginNotification Bar Plugin

Fluid Notification Bar – Fluid Notification Bar will supplement a manageable presentation bar to your site. You can supplement animation or tradition buttons to a bar.

Fluid Notification BarFluid Notification Bar

Foobar – WordPress Notification Bars – A plugin that can entirely customize a forewarn bars to your homepage. Additionally, it has facilities like Twitter and RSS feed integration.

Foobar - WordPress Notification BarsFoobar - WordPress Notification Bars

Easy Heads Up Bar – This plugin can supplement opposite presentation bars to your site with total tone schemes and mixed designs.

Easy Heads Up BarEasy Heads Up Bar

Apex Notification Bar – A reward plugin that lets we supplement mixed presentation bars to your site. You can also use their 15 pre-made bar designs.

Apex Notification BarApex Notification Bar

SiteCreate – A stretchable presentation bar for WordPress that can supplement amicable media buttons and hunt box in your forewarn bar.


BarPress – BarPress comes with countless presentation bar presets. It also has modernized analytics dashboard, so we can see a series of clicks and other data.


Specific Social Notification Bar – This plugin can assistance we grow your following on amicable media sites by permitting we to supplement amicable media buttons to a presentation bar.

Specific Social Notification BarSpecific Social Notification Bar

Notification | WordPress Notification Bar – A useful presentation bar that can assistance we to supplement a countdown timer, amicable media feed, new posts, hunt forms, login forms, and more.

Notification | WordPress Notification BarNotification | WordPress Notification Bar

Notification Bar for WordPress – Notification Bar for WordPress has 13 pre-made forewarn bars and easy-to-use dashboard to customize your bar.

Notification Bar for WordPressNotification Bar for WordPress

Wp Header Bar – A customizable presentation bar to make people review your latest blog post or follow we on Twitter.

Wp Header BarWp Header Bar

BugMeBar – With BugMeBar we can arrangement presentation bar with your summary on a tip of a screen. You can use cookies, so once a user clicked closed, forewarn bar will be hidden.


Announcement Bar – A absolute WordPress plugin that helps we to report your announcements while permitting we to change content and position, colors, styles, and size, corkscrew options, and tighten button.

Announcement BarAnnouncement Bar

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