Two New Ways to Download Websites for Offline Viewing in Chrome for Android

Back in Dec 2016, Google rolled out a ability to download webpages for offline viewing for Chrome for Android around a Chrome 55 update. Now, Google is expanding on this underline as it is giving Chrome for Android users two new ways to save webpages for after viewing.

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Method 1 – Through prolonged dire on a link

Once your Chrome browser is updated, a user needs to prolonged press on any link, causing a dialog box to cocktail up. In this dialog box, a user will see an choice to download a link. Once a download is complete, a user would afterwards be means to entrance a webpage even if there’s no internet connection.

webpage download linkwebpage download link
Method 2 – Through “Download Page Later” button

Where a initial process relies on carrying an active internet connection, a second process works some-more like a Offline Mode that comes with Google’s possess Android app. Should we find yourself being sent to Chrome’s offline dinosaur page, you’ll be means to see a new “Download Page Later” symbol during a bottom of a screen.

Tapping on this symbol will means Chrome to automatically download a page once an internet tie is established.

download page laterdownload page later

In further to a new methods of saving webpages for offline viewing, Google has also done it easier for we to keep lane of pages that we have downloaded for offline viewing.

Upon opening a new add-on in a browser, we can now corkscrew down and see a list of new downloads but wanting to open a Downloads tab. Webpages that are downloaded for offline observation will also come with a special checkmark.

recent downloaded pagesrecent downloaded pages

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