Twist: Feature-filled Communication Tool Alternative to Slack

Team communication apps such as Slack are removing increasingly renouned today as they streamline communication between teams and group members. Now, a group communication app marketplace has only gotten a new entrance called Twist, combined by a same folks who brought we Todoist.

However, unlike a competitors in a market, Twist’s proceed of coming things is rather unorthodox.

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Like Slack, with a Twist

At initial glance, Twist seems to take a Slack-like proceed in a layout. However, once we start regulating it, you’ll shortly comprehend that Twist doesn’t work like a unchanging discuss app. Unlike Slack, members communicate on Twist around summary board-style posts.

message house stylemessage house style

Twist features

Like a lot of other group communication apps, Twist comes with a giveaway choice along with a following features:

  • Users can engage in in-depth discussions, creation it easier to concentration on a charge during hand.
  • Easy to lane an active thread as notifications are sent directly to your inbox, giving users easy entrance to any updates.
    notification directly to your inboxnotification directly to your inbox
  • No online participation indicators – a underline that would lead to better productivity interjection to a miss of pings and real-time messaging.

If a height manages to strike your fancy, we might select to upgrade to a reward use that comes with additional features.

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