Turning Your PC On & Off with Android Phone

A lot of people have a robe of withdrawal their PC regulating all a time, and in many cases, pierce out though shutting it down. Well, a good news for such people is that they can set adult their Android phone to work as a remote control for their PC. So, whenever we leave your PC regulating we can simply spin it off, put it on nap or start it behind remotely regulating your smartphone.

If we wish to take advantage of this preference afterwards we can help. In this post, I’ll uncover we how we can shutdown your PC remotely from anywhere and start it while we are circuitously a internal network.

Shutdown PC remotely over LAN

If we wish to shutdown a circuitously PC that is connected to a same network as your smartphone, afterwards all we need to do is implement an app on your smartphone and a server on your PC. You can afterwards send commands to shutdown, nap or hibernate your PC from your smartphone.

There are many apps accessible for this purpose, though we suggest Shutdown Start Remote as it’s giveaway (as prolonged as we don’t mind some non-intrusive ads) and easier to use. Download a focus on your Android phone and afterwards download a server from a central website on your PC (link accessible in a app as well).

For a server to run, we contingency have Java Runtime Environment installed. If a server couple isn’t opening on your PC, afterwards go to a Java website and choose a right installer to download and implement Java Runtime Environment.

Open adult a Shutdown Start Remote server on your PC (no need to implement it) and afterwards open adult a app on your Android phone. If both inclination are connected to a same network, afterwards we should see your PC name in a Shutdown Start Remote app interface. Tap on it to bond to your PC.

search your pcsearch your pc

In a categorical interface, we can set a timer to shutdown, sleep, or hibernate your PC after a specific time. If we wish to immediately finish a action, afterwards daub on a Shutdown, Sleep, or Hibernate buttons during a bottom to immediately send a authority to your PC.

shutdown pcshutdown pc

Shutdown PC remotely from anywhere

The above is a good and easy solution, though it is singular to inclination connected to a same network. If we wish to shutdown your PC from anywhere, afterwards that is probable as well. For this purpose, we will need to use a Windows apparatus called Airytec Switch Off.

The tool is a bit aged now and was final updated in 2015, though it still works excellent and firmly does what we need.

Install Airytec Switch Off and launch a app. The tool works from a taskbar, so we should see a idol in a complement tray. You need to capacitate remote entrance now.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Right-click on a Airytec Switch Off idol and name Options from a list.
  2. airy tech switch off optionsairy tech switch off options
  3. Move to a Remote add-on and check a checkbox subsequent to Enable web interface.
  4. You should also check a checkbox subsequent to Enable authentication choice and yield a password. This is optional, though I’ll rarely suggest doing this as anyone can control your PC if they get entrance to your outmost IP address. The cue will strengthen we opposite an attack.
  5. Click on a Apply symbol to endorse a changes.
  6. enable remote accessenable remote access
  7. Now click on “View / Update immobile address” couple and duplicate and save a “Current Switch Off Url” somewhere we could simply access.
  8. interface codeinterface code
  9. You can enter this URL in a browser on any device (like a smartphone) from anywhere and yield a cue (if added) to open adult Airytec web interface. Here we can tap on a shutdown authority to spin off your PC remotely.

In box a URL isn’t operative for you, disable your PC’s firewall and try again. You competence also have to open pier 8000 in your router if disabling firewall doesn’t help.

Starting PC regulating Android phone

Waking adult your PC from your Android phone totally depends on your PC. Your PC’s motherboard and network label contingency have WOL (Wake-on-LAN) support, and it contingency be connected to a internet by an ethernet cable. This underline is still not unequivocally common in PCs and even a small wrong pattern or support emanate could meant we can’t arise adult your PC remotely my any means.

Overall, a chances are a smallest that WOL would be operative ideally excellent on your PC. The best we can do is enter your PC’s BIOS settings (search online for how to do it for your manufacturer) and enable WOL option underneath energy government difficulty if available.

To start your PC regulating your Android phone, you’ll need a app Wake on Lan. Download this app on your smartphone and make certain both your PC and your smartphone are connected to a same network. Afterward, follow a subsequent instructions:

  1. Tap on a +” idol during a bottom-right corner and name your PC from a subsequent page.
  2. Now daub on Add device to supplement it to a list of inclination that we wish to Wake on LAN.
  3. All we need to do now is daub on your PC’s name and it will automatically wake adult from sleep, hibernate, or shutdown state.
  4. wake on lanwake on lan

If we wish to arise adult your PC from shutdown state, afterwards make certain that a PC is scrupulously shutdown regulating a Shutdown choice from a energy options. And of course, it should be connected to a energy source all a time.


You should also know that Airytec also has an choice to shutdown a PC accessible on a internal network. However, in my testing, it didn’t work unequivocally good and many of a time unsuccessful when we attempted to do it from a opposite device. So adhering with Shutdown Start Remote is a improved choice for locally shutting down your PC.

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