Travel inexpensive with ride-sharing services regulating Google Maps

Ride-sharing services such as Uber, Lyft, Grab, Ola and a others have positively revolutionized a approach we commute. It’s cheaper, faster, some-more accessible and a best partial is we can book a float directly from your mobile phone.

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If float pity is your go-to preference, do we know Google Maps assists we to review prices, locations and time determination between a many automobile roving services?

Right inside your iOS or Android’s Google Maps, there is ride-sharing add-on and here is what we will learn :

  • Once we form in your stream plcae and destination, we will be given a list of ride-sharing services accessible nearby you, finish with transport and time estimation.
    google map uber lyftgoogle map uber lyft

  • Google Maps will also surprise we if there are any special ignored offers available. You will also be told if swell pricing is in outcome as good as a multiplier.
  • You will be brought to App Store or Google Play if we have nonetheless to download a app.

The subsequent time before we invert or enchanting a ride-sharing service, really give this a try. It might save we only a small integrate of bucks, though who’s complaining?

google map singaporegoogle map singapore

Hat tip: James Yeang

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