Transforms Your Photos into Video Stories with Pearl

We share (sometimes overshare) a lives on amicable media so many that it has spin a approach of life for many online users. Sure, infrequently people go overboard with a marriage photos, baby photos, pet photos, food photos, transport photos etc and while some of us competence dispute about it, almost all someone does is another user’s pet peeve.

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An choice to a print manuscript full of a same subject is to spin it into one singular video. Now that might be some-more towards today’s video-loving public. But who has a time to record a full video afterwards supplement song and exegesis to a elementary amicable share? Nobody.

Unless of march we use Pearl, an iOS app that lets we do all that to your favorite videos ridiculously easily. Let’s check out a app: Pearl.

About Pearl

In Jun 2016, developer, Voicekick, Inc expelled Pearl unequivocally absolute photo-editing, video-making apparatus to a app store.

Pearl lets we transform photos into a suit design or slideshow easily. This lets we combine all your photos of your wedding, your family gathering, your child’s initial birthday, or a proposal, into a singular video, that can be simply common on your favorite amicable network sites.

There has been a lot of identical apps in a market, though Pearl is special in a clarity that, aside from adding music, we can also record or dub your possess voice to emanate exegesis for your video. It’s an overwhelming approach to personalize your video, right?

pearl app

How does Pearl Work?

Pearl is super easy to use.

Step 1: Choose

Start by picking a photos we wish to embody in your video. Pearl doesn’t extent how many cinema we wish to use, though note that a some-more cinema we include, a heavier your record will be.

Pearl works with JPG, JPEG and PNG photos. After processing, a video record will be in MP4. When you’re done, give your collection a title.

Step 2: Edit

Next adult is a routine of beautifying your video. For this, we can supplement music, recount a video. With a photos, we can shuffle them, wizz and adjust a concentration of a photo, select a course (landscape or portrait) and preview it before estimate it into video form.

One good thing about Pearl is that it has already prepared a lot of song for opposite ambience: happy, sad, contented and many other choices. If nothing of them fit, use your possess choice of music. You usually need to store it in your phone library for easy retrieval.

Step 3: Share

And lastly, if we are finished with a modifying process, we are a click divided from pity it with your friends. Pearl lets we share a video on vital amicable networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter or if we wish to keep it personal, by email or content message.

Who should use Pearl?

Pearl is ideal for middle and tiny businesses that wish to give their product launches a pull on amicable media. Highlight your restaurant’s menu, beautiful cake offerings in your bakery or a showcase of your arts and crafts talent.

Even if it is for a secondhand trade, a video could make it many easier for we to let go of that hiker your child can't fit into anymore.

Alternatively, we can make a video of all your transport photos, emanate wedding offer videos, unleash video invitations for a life event, share marriage rite videos, or announce family events like a pregnancy or a attainment of a new bundle of joy. With Pearl, a world’s your oyster (get it?).

How to get Pearl

As of now, Pearl is usually accessible for iOS/iPhone, though there is no revelation that a developer will also rise a same thing for Android after on.

You can download Pearl for giveaway around a App Store. But as we might already guessed, a giveaway chronicle will leave Pearl trademark in your video. The ad-free chronicle is $1.99.

Pearl app features

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