Top Tools Every SEO Should Be Using in 2018

As an SEO consultant, we need a sold set of tools to know accurately where your competitors arrange in tip hunt engines, how to demeanour for effective keywords and lane new opportunities as they develop. Also, there are dozens of activities, plans, and campaigns that need to be managed. In such a box it’s always a good thought to have some useful SEO collection during your disposal.

So, in this guide, I’ll speak about 2018’s best and many present SEO tools that each SEO consultant would need to improved conduct their activities.


Data never lies, and SEO experts need modernized information analysis to take control of campaigns. Ahrefs is an overwhelming apartment of stellar SEO collection that provides 5 opposite graphs that assistance we lane SEO campaign’s progress. Following are some other things it can do.

  • Its Site Explorer is among a best and most discerning backlink analysis collection around.
  • It shows we important keyword metrics like hunt volume, keyword ranking, keyword difficulty, and traffic, detached from Domain Authority (DA) and URL Rating (UR).
  • Its keyword investigate apparatus lets users know stats on tellurian or country-wise hunt volumes, position history, problem level, and associated keywords.
  • The Content Explorer helps users find out a many extraordinary calm associated to entered topics and keywords.
  • You can add tags to keywords and filter them regulating tags, creation government of mixed campaigns easier.
  • All skeleton come with giveaway trials, that are flattering useful.


A arguable keyword and aspirant investigate tool, SEMRush is a contingency have in each SEO enthusiast’s list. The apparatus offers extensive and low investigate options as good as a following features:

  • The Keyword Difficulty Tool ranks keywords on a basement of a approaching difficulty in ranking for it, deliberation a competition.
  • Find out your competing brands’ best behaving backlinks, high trade grossing content, best keywords, and a lot more.
  • Gives we a broad overview of a paid promotion and PPC efforts of competing brands, assisting we know what’s value perplexing for your possess brand.
  • Helps we find prolonged tail keywords opposite mixed databases for both general and internal Google and Bing versions.


Pitchbox is a glorious apparatus for outreach, assisting your couple building efforts in many ways, so contributing to SEO. Pitchbox offers a lot of resources for amateur SEO consultants such as:

  • Just mention your keywords and Pitchbox will automatically compile a list of a best websites around, associated to a keywords, for we to aim for couple building.
  • With a follow adult emails scheduling feature, we can simply set adult modernized follow-up campaigns, pushing some-more value from your connections, though investing any time into it.
  • Its management, client, and group reports assistance we labour your overdo plan to maximize returns.    
  • The apparatus is integrated with Moz, Majestic, LRT, and SEMRush, that means it connects we with a many desired publishers online.
  • The 15-day giveaway hearing is ideal for we to get started with simple features.


The approach your website looks in Google SERPs has a vital impact on a hunt rankings, as good as on how many people decode to indeed click on it and revisit your pages. You can use this apparatus to:

  • Check how your websites looks in Google SERPs.
  • Get free value adding tips for improvement, such as improved meta descriptions.
  • Make experimental changes to pretension and meta description, though creation them live, to observe how they seem on SERPs.


SEO Crawlers can be time immoderate and frustrating to work with; not if it’s BeamUsUp that you’re using. Here’s is what it can do:

  • It gives a choice of regulating smart filters to arrangement a many common forms of SEO errors from a yield outcome reports generated.
  • It allows easy trade of information (even after filters are applied) directly to Google Drive or MS Excel.
  • It’s easy to remove transcribe pages from a yield reports.
  • The free chronicle lets we do a lot more than any other crawler’s giveaway chronicle (which come with rarely suffocating restrictions).

SEOChat Schema Generators

Schema markup apparatus can make your webpages mount in complete contrariety from others, thereby improving their SERP presence.

  • Schema era collection can easily beget a markup code, that we can afterwards supplement to your webpage HTML. These codes are hunt engine friendly.
  • The prepared to use schema generator collection offering here embody essay formula generator, examination abounding snippets formula generator, eventuality abounding dash formula generator, and people abounding dash formula generator.
  • Other schema generators embody product, brand, movie, book, and video schema generators.

LSI Graph

Latent Semantic Indexing is a process of evaluating a theme matter peculiarity of a web page formed on a operation of semantically associated keywords for a categorical keyword it incorporates in a content.

  • It helps we quickly beget a vast list of LSI keywords associated to their primary keywords. You can afterwards simply incorporate these keywords into a calm for improved rankings.
  • It also offers a giveaway LSI beam to users in lapse for their names and email IDs.


XML Sitemap errors can wreak massacre for your website’s hunt engine visibility.

  • You can use this apparatus to generate a sitemap for whatever purpose we wish – HTML sitemap for website’s navigation structure, content sitemap for a list of webpages on a website, or XML sitemap to contention to hunt engines for indexing.
  • For tiny websites with reduction than 500 pages, we can use this apparatus though registering, and can get a sitemap immediately.
  • With a free purebred account, we can directly contention a sitemap to your server, revise though re-uploading to website, and conduct sitemaps for mixed websites.
  • An upgraded comment comes with useful features such as damaged couple checker, along with image, video, and news sitemaps.

SEOBook Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt files tell a hunt engine bot as to that pages it’s authorised to revisit (crawl) and save (index) on hunt engine outcome pages. To mention any transcribe pages we wish a crawler to ignore, we need to make suitable declarations in a robots.txt, and this is what Robots.txt Generator does.

  • Using SEOBook’s robots.txt record generator, we can easily beget a record though any errors, so that hunt engine bots are means to simply yield and index your websites.
  • You can specify default drudge entrance level as ‘disallow all robots’ or ‘allow all robots’.

Google Page Speed Insights

Your website’s page loading speed is one of a initial things a user encounters and you can usually make your website bucket faster if we have a scold insights on it. Google Page Speed Insights is a collection to assistance we with that.

  • It helps we find out a technical improvements we can do to your pages to boost their loading speed.
  • Some of a hackneyed suggestions this apparatus can assistance we with embody elimination of above a overlay render-blocking JavaScript and CSS.
  • It helps in optimizing images, leveraging browser caching, etc.
  • The formula can be seen for both mobile and desktop website.

Bonus Tip: Use VPN to weigh a internal trade of a website

Many times, SEO consultants need to know a internal SEO aspects for a customer website. When a customer is from a opposite geography, this can be challenging, and so, VPNs infer useful here. Ensure to review a tip VPNs before we make a final decision.

A VPN will not usually help to weigh websites by simulating your web participation from any geography, though also make certain you’re never hold behind from regulating any of a SEO collection we lonesome in this beam from any location, with useful VPN options by your side.


The universe of SEO will continue to develop in 2018; trust a collection we lonesome in this guide, and be on a surveillance for new ones that can assistance we get some-more work finished in reduction time.

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