Top 8 Free Web Statistics Tools

A web analytics apparatus is imperative for any website to keep lane of trade and emanate strategies according to it. Thankfully, there are many web statistics collection accessible that we can use on your website to track trade count, form and behavior, etc.

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Although any analytics apparatus has a possess singular features, though selecting a right one is of pinnacle importance. Using mixed analytics collection is unequivocally bad for a opening of your website, so we should name usually 1-2 collection that offer all a facilities we need.

In this article, we will list down 8 website analytics collection that can be simply used for free, only select a one that fits your needs best.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of a many used giveaway analytics collection that offers absolute features that are ideal for many web developers. Google analytics concede we to track web trade source, count, on-site behavior, clicks, acquisition, conversions and more.

Apart from tracking visitors, it also helps we optimize your website for improved ranking and branch visitors into customers. For this purpose, it offers tips on speeding adult website, handling content, discernment on visitors behavior and benchmarking tools.

google analyticsgoogle analytics

Google Analytics now offers a basic real-time report display sum time spent on any page, a series of visitors as shortly as they arrive or leave and calm they click on.

Unfortunately, when it comes to real-time trade analytics and deeper research of traffic, Google Analytics is still lacking.

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GoingUp combines web analytics and SEO collection together to offer an all-in-one resolution to conduct your website and emanate strategies. It will let we lane trade function on particular pages and disintegrate problems by comparing a opening of any page. Along with that, we can also see from where a visitors are entrance and where they go next.

going upgoing up

Apart from trade tracking it shows keywords that are bringing in traffic, emanate custom profiles of visitors, emanate goals and tradition actions to track, research for keywords, lane Google page rank for particular pages, see heat maps, optimize pages for improved SEO, lane Alexa ranking and more.

Although GoingUp is giveaway for tracking a singular website, though we will have to upgrade to pro version if we need to track mixed websites and create some-more keyword campaigns and goals.


StatCounter offers arguable facilities and tracking for adult to 250,000 visitors per month for free. This creates it a good giveaway analytics apparatus if we are offered a product/service or have a middle distance blog.

It offers invisible counter, activity of visitors before and after visiting your website, heat maps, search engine comparison, see what visitors are doing in real-time, lane HTTPS websites, share access with group members, show website stats publicly, check JavaScript Stats and all other elementary tracking features.


You can also configure StatCounter to send tradition summaries any week around email to get discerning peek during how things are going.


An open-source analytics apparatus that works on server side instead of a website, AWStats can read mixed forms of record files and analyze mixed websites running on a same server. Although, it still offers elementary tracking features, though it’s a good giveaway choice if we wish a apparatus that works server side and is open-source.


It’s tracking facilities embody visits count, time spent on a website, bandwidth usage, entry/exit pages, OS and bandwidth used for each, “bot visit” tracking, insurance opposite worms attack, keyword tracking and bookmark tracking. To use AWStats, your web horde contingency log web information to a record that AWStat could review from.


A really absolute analytics apparatus that is open source and self hosted. As it is self hosted, all a information about your visitors is stored in your possess servers instead of a third-party company. If we are looking to keep information of your visitors private, afterwards Piwik competence be a best option. Apart from being self hosted, Piwik is also impossibly absolute and offers roughly all a facilities Google Analytics can offer.


It can emanate groups of people formed on opposite factors to improved know caller needs, and we will get finish sum of their browser usage; including peep and JavaScript usage. Some of a other facilities include, real-time page views and function tracking, emanate goals, lane web page elements (widgets/banners/videos), unsampled information if required, lane events, email summaries, stats of particular users and whole lot more. Piwik also has a paid craving chronicle for bigger companies.

Open Web Analytics

Another open-source analytics tool, Open Web Analytics offers identical facilities as Google Analytics though it removes all forms of third-party tracking. You can possibly integrate a PHP API in your focus API or use its WordPress plugin if we have a WordPress website.

Its facilities include, trade count, multiple website analytics support, guard individual caller behavior, track clicks, perspective feverishness maps, lane subscriptions, repeated visitors activity over time, lane entry/exits and more.

open web analyticsopen web analytics

It also has specific facilities for WordPress websites, including ability to lane users by given email, lane pages by opposite categories and lane comments by specific visitors. Do keep in mind that Open Web Analytics has not been updated for a while now, nonetheless it still works fine.


This is fundamentally an advanced consult tool that integrates good with Google Analytics to offer genuine knowledge of a visitors. It compliments your stream analytics resolution if we are regulating Google Analytics.

iPerceptions offers collection to emanate on-site surveys to answer 4 elementary questions. The questions include, who are they? Why are they here? How is your website operative for them? And what we should repair in your website?


It uses opposite strategies to ask these questions and make it gentle for a visitors to answer them. You can combine a genuine knowledge information with your stats from Google Analytics to get in-depth perspective of caller needs. iPerceptions is a paid service, though we can sign-up for a giveaway comment that allows we to create surveys and confederate them with Google Analytics.

JetPack for WordPress

If we have a WordPress website, afterwards there is a good possibility we competence be already regulating a renouned JetPack plugin. JetPack can do many things and one of them is web analytics. It offers elementary websites statistics, though it’s no-brainer interface creates it ideal for beginners. You can see total visits of particular posts, renouned pages, lane keyword, lane subscriptions, lane clicks, caller location, on-site behavior and more.

jetpack statsjetpack stats

You can see complete design of trade over time and get recommendations on how to increase it. If we are a beginner, afterwards JetPack is ideal for we as it is easy to implement and offers roughly all a compulsory information about visitors.


Google Analytics is still a many comprehensive and easy to use giveaway web analytics tool. However if we wish some-more in-depth stats, afterwards give Open Web Analytics a try. It competence be a small tough to use, though a real-time tracking facilities are distant improved than Google Analytics and it comes though third-party tracking.

I will also suggest we to try out JetPack plugin initial if we are new with web analytics tools, it’s passed elementary to use.

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