Top 5 Mobile Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe

In today’s rarely digitalized world, everybody seems to be carrying a smartphone, and that includes kids as well. If we entrust your kids with a smartphone, afterwards we competence as good use it to keep them protected too.

You can add a garland of apps in your child’s smartphone to keep them protected in both a digital universe and a genuine world. You can guard their phone activity, learn them reserve lessons, or even track their stream plcae to safeguard they stay divided from harm.

In today’s post, I’ll list 5 kids reserve apps that will certainly be means to keep them protected from several threats.

1. Kaspersky SafeKids

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A smartphone is a large responsibility, and as parents, we would wish to make certain your children don’t go erroneous with their devices. The heading cybersecurity association Kaspersky offers a arguable all-in-one tracking and determining apparatus for your child’s smartphone.

Just install a app on your child’s phone and you’ll be means to control it from a dedicated dashboard. This includes that apps and websites they can entrance and for how long.

Once installed, a app will ask we to emanate a pin. This pin will be used for securing a app from unapproved access. When we are inside, we can follow step-by-step instructions to implement Kaspersky SafeKids on your child’s sold device.

create a pincreate a pin

The app creates it easy for a relatives to conclude manners and hindrance actions by force that go opposite a rules. Additionally, whenever your child tries to entrance anything limited or crosses device use limit, you’ll get a notification.

With a giveaway version, it works as parental control app, yet you can get some-more reserve underline with a $16.99 yearly subscription. This includes child’s plcae tracking, call and SMS log, alerts to your email and phone, and fact stating on app and internet usage.

Premium appPremium app

2. TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

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Irresponsible driving is a large regard for a relatives of teens. No matter how most we learn your teenagers about pushing safely, there teen instincts competence flog in any time – heading to brute driving. Not anymore though, with a assistance of TrueMotion we can not customarily lane your teen’s pushing habits yet also motivate them to expostulate safely.

Just implement a app on your teen’s phone and it will automatically lane all your teen’s pushing habits and rate all their trips. You can see their stream plcae and how they gathering to strech that location. For a rating, it annals over speeding, remarkable breaks, phone use during a ride, and a few other factors to give an accurate rating.

Share locationShare location

After a initial signup, you’ll have to tell a app how mostly we expostulate in a week. This information is used for accurate rating, so make certain we yield a right information and so do your teens. Afterwards, we can use a gray symbol on a bottom left dilemma to start adding family members to lane their pushing habits.

add membersadd members

App marks pushing habits of all your family members and everyone can see a measure of other members and compare. This fundamentally creates a foe for a best measure where your teen will be encouraged to float safely in sequence to kick other family members.

To sum it up, TrueMotion offers good tracking facilities to safeguard your family members (especially teens) are pushing safely, and during a same time emanate a clarity of foe to motivate everybody to expostulate safely.

3. Life360 Family Locator

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Being means to lane your kid’s plcae and discuss with them anytime we like is substantially a best approach to keep them safe. And Life360 does an extraordinary pursuit of keeping your whole family connected all a time. It’s a tracking app that keeps finish record of where your kids are currently and where they were a whole day. You can also send personal messages and even speak in organisation chats.


All a registered family members are shown on an interactive map in real-time and we can start a discuss usually by drumming on their profile. If we wish to lane mixed families or wish to emanate apart groups for kids and adults, afterwards there is also an choice to emanate dedicated groups.

The tracking and chatting facilities are totally free, yet if we wish some additional control and facilities afterwards there is a premium version as well. With Life360 Plus ($50/year) we can see tracking story from final 30 days, emanate plcae alerts, lane a mislaid phone, get assistance in a puncture from genuine people, and even get roadside assistance.

4. Safety for Kids

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This is indeed a diversion rather than an app, yet it’s one of a best collection we can have to keep your kids safe. Knowledge is a pivotal to safety, and this diversion provides accurately that. There are 12 chapters in a diversion that make your kids go by a opposite set of activities to learn what to do in opposite puncture situations.

Some of a situations embody escaping a fire, conveyor trouble, foreigner during door, removing lost, risk on a road, and more.

As shortly as a child launches a game, they will be welcomed with an appealing map inventory all a 12 chapters with relating pictures. Only 3 can be played for free, a rest can be unbarred for $1/chapter.

the 12 chaptersthe 12 chapters

The game is voice-narrated in a unequivocally transparent English and a wording is also unequivocally basic. we played a initial section “Stranger during door”, and we can assure the calm is child-friendly with lots of additional tips for a improved attitude. For example, a child is educated to assistance with cleaning a home even yet it’s not a partial of a lesson.

in gamein game

The diversion is also easy to play. Your child usually needs to answer a right choice in a sold conditions to swell further. If they select a wrong option, they are clearly educated because it is wrong and we should not do that.

One thing we unequivocally favourite is that a diversion customarily offers 2 excusable options in a question, yet customarily one choice is optimal. This helps a kids make a improved preference as they would know because a other excusable choice is reduction useful in a stream situation.

answer a right decisionanswer a right decision

Overall, it’s a great app to learn your children basis of reserve in opposite emergencies while gripping them entertained.

5. SPIN Safe Browser

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A browser is a gateway to all on a web, and a web is filled with inapt calm for kids. If we are disturbed your kids competence incidentally entrance something inapt on a web, afterwards we should get SPIN. It’s a passed elementary browser that blocks all forms of inapt calm on a web though any pattern need.

The filtering simply works. Just launch a browser and start exploring. If kids will try accessing any inapt website – possibly directly or by a couple – it will retard it. Some of a blocked calm embody adult content, drugs, alcohol, weapons, malware, phishing websites, substitute sites, gambling, and more.

webpage blockedwebpage blocked

Interestingly, SPIN Safe Browser allows YouTube, yet it automatically blocks channels that uncover inapt calm for kids. So your kids can safely suffer regulating YouTube. Best of all, it has no private browsing mode, therefore your kids can’t do any dark surfing.

The browser is formed on Firefox open source formula and you’ll notice a interface a bit identical to it. You can even implement Firefox add-ons by going to Settings Tools Add-ons.

firefox add-ons supportfirefox add-ons support

Ending words

If we can lane your child’s phone activity and stream location, we believe it should be adequate to keep them in a protected circle. Kaspersky Safe Kids and Life360 are a ideal apps to grasp this idea and they both offer a required facilities for free.

Do let us know in a comments if we know any other good mobile apps to keep kids safe.

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