Top 3 Firewalls for Windows – Review

A firewall is a initial line of defense opposite malware and phishing attacks that can immensely repairs your PC. Windows has a built-in firewall that does a arguable pursuit of safeguarding your complement opposite many of a online threats. However, it still lacks some of a modernized insurance facilities and customization options.

If Windows built-in firewall isn’t adequate for you, afterwards we can try some third-party firewalls that offer some-more control and protection. Below Is have reviewed 3 of a best Windows firewalls for we to choose a best firewall for your PC.

Is a firewall necessary?

Firstly, it is required to understand a significance of a firewall. When we bond to a internet, a information is permitted on both sides. Like if we can entrance a internet, a internet can also entrance your PC. If not protected, a hacker could simply send antagonistic formula to your PC or take advantage of a confidence hole to take information and repairs a system.

A firewall fundamentally works as a filtering complement to indicate a information and safeguard no putrescent information goes by. we should also discuss that it’s easier to strengthen yourself opposite downloading putrescent files. However, we can’t do many about an vulnerable internet connection. Therefore, a firewall is required even if we consider we can follow correct reserve guidelines.

Note: Before regulating any of these third-party firewalls, make certain we turn off Windows built-in firewall. Similar to antivirus programs, firewalls will also dispute with any other if used simultaneously.

1. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm is one of a many renouned firewall programs that offers reliable insurance with a rarely customizable interface. It scans both inbound and outbound connectors and ensures there is antagonistic activity.

Additionally, it keeps a despotic eye on applications and processes to safeguard no focus goes brute and is always stopped in a tracks.

zone alarm interfacezone alarm interface

I also unequivocally favourite it’s combined Identity and information insurance feature that alerts we whenever an untrusted website asks for your personal information or any other personal data. There’s also a handy diversion mode that suppresses alerts while we are gaming.

identity protectionidentity protection
Interface and usability

ZoneAlarm Firewall interface is unequivocally intuitive and it took me reduction than a notation to take full control over a facilities and customization options. All of a functions are ideally customized for normal use by default and large buttons in front make it easy to try a program.

I did see an ad to check out ZoneAlarm paid antivirus solution, yet it didn’t worry me once we clicked the Close button. Additionally, a Identity and Data insurance underline needs to be incited on and configured manually, that can be a both good and a bad thing.

As for customization, it creates it unequivocally easy to name a turn of insurance we require, we can possibly go medium protection with fewer alerts or high protection that can even retard all forms of inbound connections.

On tip of that, we can also perspective all a logs and cumulative applications, and away customize any focus and tie setting.

select confidence levelselect confidence level

Its value observant that ZoneAlarm Antivirus is directly baked into ZoneAlarm Firewall and we will find many grayed out options that are indeed combined for a antivirus and can usually be used if we download a antivirus module as well. Even if we wish to use a firewall only, we will still have to understanding with a antivirus settings.

zone alarm antiviruszone alarm antivirus

Some of a critical facilities of ZoneAlarm Free Firewall are below:

  • Both inbound and outbound tie scanning.
  • Application function control.
  • Identity and information protection.
  • Gaming mode.
  • Stealth mode to turn invisible.
  • Wi-Fi insurance to strengthen opposite unsecured networks.
  • Real-time updates to strengthen opposite latest breakthroughs in malware world.
  • Automatic Firewall pattern formed on new tie type.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Offers both tie and focus function monitoring.
  • Automatic training from user behavior.
  • You might see recommendations for ZoneAlarm’s other products.
  • ZoneAlarm antivirus module is baked into a ZoneAlarm Firewall (which doesn’t work by default).

2. Privatefirewall

Privatefirewall doesn’t have one of a many pleasing interfaces and might seem a bit treacherous during first. However, it is a powerful firewall module that has some singular facilities and offers arguable protection.

It can monitor both inbound and outbound connections and has support for focus and routine monitoring to safeguard no module goes rogue.

privacy firewallprivacy firewall

I unequivocally favourite a Port tracking territory where we can see all a networks ports and even cancel any pier we like. Similar to ZoneAlarm, it stealths a ports to make them undetectable from outside. It also has a cold email anomaly underline that protects opposite mass spam emails being generated from your PC.

port trackerport tracker
Interface and usability

As we pronounced earlier, Privatefirewall interface isn’t that attractive, yet this should not make we flee. If we try a bit, we will simply get a hang of it. Besides, it also offers detail reason of what we can do in any window on a right-side of a window.

So it is arguably easier to get a hang of if we don’t mind reading a instructions. Additionally, it has dedicated profiles for home, bureau and common networks to request a right settings automatically.

function informationfunction information

The applications and processes are listed alone and we can double-click on any module to open pattern options. There are also accessible discerning entrance buttons to allow, repudiate or filter all a trade with a singular click.

To tip it off, Privatefirewall also has an automatic training complement for both network and focus anomaly to hoop them automatically as time passes.

iteam detailsiteam details

Below are some critical Privatefirewall features:

  • Inbound and outbound tie monitoring.
  • Built-in pier tracker.
  • Email curiosity detector.
  • Process and focus curiosity detector.
  • Anti-logger.
  • Stealth mode.
  • Customizable involuntary training system.
  • Dedicated profiles formed on usage.
  • Provides minute instruction for any feature.
  • Highly customizable with dozens of apart customization options for any program/process.
  • Track and conduct ports.
  • Dull interface.
  • No options to configure opposite forms of trade and connections.

3. TinyWall

TinyWall has a setup record of frequency 1MB and doesn’t even have a possess interface. It sits in a complement tray and works from there. This careful function forced me to review a apparatus use with a above dual firewall programs, and we found out that it used one-third of a PC resources as compared to a above programs.


TinyWall is combined to work alongside Windows built-in Firewall and it enhances a facilities and offers improved control. Although TinyWall focuses mostly on handling inbound and outbound connections, yet it also scans focus to check if they are protected or not (no dedicated options available, though).

Interface and usability

As TinyWall works from a complement tray and doesn’t have an interface of a own, it might leave many people feeling reduction satisfied. However, a few options in a complement tray menu are some-more than adequate to take full control over a module features. You can simply change it’s working modes and control whitelists and blocklists.

tinywall modestinywall modes

The overwhelming thing about TinyWall is a “no cocktail up” rule. TinyWall never shows any cocktail adult for applications blocked or allowed. If it incidentally blocks an critical application’s network access, afterwards we will usually find out when we see it can’t entrance a internet.

Of course, this can be irritating in singular situations when something critical is blocked, yet it also eliminates a biggest headache that comes with firewall programs; pop-ups.

Additionally, it also creates it easy to whitelist programs and process. With a elementary keyboard shortcut, we can whitelist any focus or process. Its Show connections choice also captivated me where we can see and conduct all a determined connectors and open ports.

tiny wall active portstiny wall active ports
  • There are no pop-ups.
  • Has built-in environment modifying insurance from antagonistic programs.
  • Easily whitelist programs.
  • Automatic training mode.
  • Password strengthen settings.
  • Dedicated LAN control options.
  • Protects horde file.
  • Works alongside Windows Firewall.
  • Doesn’t annoys with pop-ups.
  • Very easy to use and creates it easy to retard and whitelist programs manually.
  • It’s no pop-up order can also retard critical programs but your knowledge.
  • Less customizable as compared to a above dual programs.
  • Application function monitoring underline is unequivocally limited.

Good to know: we also checked all of these firewalls with common firewall confidence checker collection and all 3 of them upheld them. Although high-security settings were indispensable to pass some of a tests.

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