Tingle.js – A Free Vanilla JS Modal Window Script for Minimalists

Modal windows have fast transposed a default browser warning box. Well-designed modals are some-more concordant with a great user experience and modal windows come with many tradition effects and designs.

It’s probable to build pristine CSS modals though these mostly miss a certain je ne sais quoi that you’ll find in JS-powered scripts.

And one of my favorites is Tingle.js, a giveaway JavaScript modal window built for minimalist websites.

tingle.js modal plugintingle.js modal plugin

This library has been around for a while though it’s still technically in v1.0 growth with visit improvements.

But it’s a stable book using on pristine vanilla JS so we can use this anywhere. It doesn’t need any believe of ECMAScript nor do we need any higher-level libraries like TypeScript.

Everything in Tingle.js is good documented and even comes with a transparent API for customizing a animations, symbol effects, and callback functions.

Take a demeanour during a GitHub repo for more info with links to a categorical API and callback functions, all of that you’ll find in good fact on a Tingle.js homepage.

If we feel gentle modifying JavaScript afterwards you’ll adore this plugin. It’s super easy to work with and a CSS codes are even easier to overwrite with your possess stylesheet.

The categorical support is clearly summarized with live examples we can copy/paste into your HTML.

tinglejs animation modal exampletinglejs animation modal example

Tingle.js is a flattering candid script. You’ll possibly like a approach it works, or we won’t.

With a few mins on a categorical demo page, we should be means to tell if we like this or not. It supports as many buttons as we need along with user submit fields if we wanna lift info from a user.

Plus this can work with huge extensive modals in terms of service, tradition warning messages, and even embedded calm with images videos.

Definitely one of a many well-supported modal windows out there and a purify pattern is easy to restyle for any layout.

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