Three Ways to Handle Facebook Account for The Deceased

Have we ever suspicion that what should happened to your Facebook comment if we pass away? There are 3 probable things that could be finished with your Facebook comment after your death.

  1. Memorializing an Account
  2. Choosing a Legacy Contact
  3. Deleting Facebook Account After Death

We will be looking during what any trail entails and assistance we confirm that of a 3 options we can collect to not usually guarantee your Facebook personal information and privacy, post-death, though also assistance guarantee your memory.

1. Memorializing an Account

This is finished by one of your friends instead of by yourself. Anyone can inform Facebook (click here) about a Friend’s genocide and a comment will be memorialized.

A memorialized account allows friends and family members to share memories after a chairman has upheld away.

In an comment that has been memorialized, a word “Remembering” will seem above a Facebook name like so.


A memorialized comment will:

  • remain on Facebook and a content common is visible to all it was common with
  • be a place where Facebook friends can share memories according to a privacy settings of a account
  • remain safe and no one can log into it
  • cause dismissal of Facebook Pages, if a chairman was sole admin of pronounced page

A memorialized comment will not:

  • appear as suggestions for people to add, or as birthday reminders
  • give any choice to name a legacy contact

2. Choosing a Legacy Contact

You can also commission a bequest hit that will have limited entrance to your account. Once a current ask about a genocide of a chairman is sent in, a comment will be memorialized and a chairman who is selected as their legacy contact will be informed.

A bequest hit can:

  • respond to crony requests
  • pin a post on a timeline
  • update a cover print and form picture
  • download repository of posts, photos and form information we common on Facebook (if opted)

A bequest hit cannot:

  • see your private messages or login to a comment to correlate on your behalf
  • change settings of your Facebook account

How to Nominate a Legacy Contact

Here is how we can choose a bequest contact for your Facebook account.

(Step 1) Go to Settings Security Legacy Contact.


(Step 2) Click on Edit and form in a name we wish to name as a Legacy Contact, and click Add.

Adding Legacy Contact

(Step 3) You can send a summary to surprise that chairman of your nomination, or leave a summary to be sent usually when your comment is memorialized.

Sending Message to Legacy Contact

(Step 4) Remember to set a Data Archive Permission that allows your bequest hit to download an archive of posts, photos and form information we common on Facebook.

My Legacy Contact

By default, we will get an annual reminder on who we wish to commission as your bequest contact. If we are certain we won’t need to change your bequest hit or we dont wish to be reminded, untick a box.

3. Get Your Facebook Account Deleted After Death

If a dual options above aren’t for we and we only wish to undo your online participation from Facebook, here’s how we get it deleted after your passing.

Above a Legacy Contact Annual Reminder is a choice for Account Deletion. Tick it.

Adding Legacy Contact

You will be served with a acknowledgment notice like so. Click Delete After Death and enter your cue before we click Submit.

Delete Facebook Account after Death


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