This Gallery of Pure CSS Icons is What All Frontend Developers Want

Adobe engineer Wenting Zhang combined an interesting web app for generating pristine CSS icons. It’s simply named “CSS Icon” and it might be one of a coolest icon generators for frontend developers.

This plan is completely free and open-sourced on GitHub so you’re giveaway to download and disaster with any of a codes.

css iconscss icons

These icons don’t have any CSS dependencies or need any special browser features. At initial glance, it might seem like a icons are built on SVGs though they’re indeed only divs.

Through a sorcery of CSS, we can build custom line icons for common interface elements such as a hamburger menu, a three-dot idol or a imitation idol (among many others).

You can select between thin line icons or dark filled icons. They both implement similar CSS properties and we can even see what they are by clicking any idol in a list. You’ll see a sliding sidebar with a HTML and CSS formula along with a idol enlarged.

pure css idol gallerypure css idol gallery

If we demeanour towards a top-right dilemma of a formula fields you’ll see a little duplicate icon. Click that to automatically duplicate a code to your clipboard. Oh, and that duplicate icon? Also built with Wenting’s pristine CSS code.

To change a color of any icon, only find a color property in a categorical idol class. Updating that one color property will change all else, too.

Since these icons are pretty simple, they substantially won’t work for any website. But this is a cool choice to images or idol fonts and it’s completely free.

Check out a CSS Icon home page to see some-more examples and to copy/edit a source. You can also test any idol separately in CodePen if we wanna toy around with a source in your browser.

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