This "Chrome Font Packs" Malware is Affecting Computers

Chrome users might wish to stay additional observant when browsing a web currently as cyber confidence organisation NeoSmart Technologies have detected a cunning new approach that hackers are regulating to get users to unknowingly implement malware onto their computers.

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First detected by Mahmoud Al-Qudsi, a try relies on using JavaScript to reinstate normal content with misencoded black and gibberish. This “hack” would afterwards prompt a user to refurbish a “Chrome denunciation pack”.

Clicking on a “Update” symbol would means a website to download a record called “Chrome Font v7.5.1.exe” that is a malware in disguise. What happens subsequent is flattering straightforward: a user opens a “.exe” record and installs it on their machine, and a appurtenance is now compromised, giving hackers entrance to it.

hoefler content not foundhoefler content not found

While a entire conflict is rather convincing, there are a few vivid flaws that this conflict has. The initial vital smirch is that a dialog box for a conflict is hard coded to arrangement chronicle 53 of Chrome, so those who are good wakeful of a chronicle of Chrome they’re using would immediately clarity that something is off.

update textupdate text

On tip of that, downloading the “Chrome Font Pack” would means a Chrome browser to dwindle a download as “not being downloaded really often”, nonetheless Chrome doesn’t actively dwindle a record as being malicious.

Finally, a whole routine of download and executing the record is skewed between a concomitant pop-up dialog and a tangible process, such as discrepancies in a file’s name, as good as a self-existent UAC prompt.

non extant uac promptnon extant uac prompt

Interestingly enough, this sold malware has managed to hedge both Windows Defender and Chrome scans. Furthermore, VirusTotal reveals that a malware itself could potentially be a new creation, deliberation a fact that usually 9 out of 57 antivirus scanners could brand a malware interjection to heuristics.

In a meantime, a best approach to forestall your device from being compromised is to avoid using executables from sources that seem shady.

virus totalvirus total

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