This Case Lets You Charge Your iPhone Anytime, Anywhere

There is no denying that a iPhone has a good battery life. However, complicated users will still be means to empty a battery of a entirely charged iPhone within normal operative hours. The ideal resolution to this problem would routinely be a appetite bank, or ideally, a appetite opening so we can tip adult your phone’s battery. Unfortunately, there are certain times where both options are not available.

So what is a resolution to this problem? Well, if you’re a partial of a Ampware team, a answer is to emanate a unstable charging device that is constantly on your phone. Enter a CrankCase, an iPhone cover that doubles as a charger.


From a outside, a CrankCase appears to be a rather massive iPhone case. The altogether pattern of a box is done to fit a latest iPhone models (iPhone 6/6S). The CrankCase also comes in 3 opposite colors.

Where a CrankCase unequivocally becomes singular lies during a behind of a case. True to a name, this phone box binds a holder arm that is folder into a case. Once a holder arm is unfolded, you’ll need to bond a onboard Lightning Cable to a case, and feed a wire to a iPhone.

When your iPhone is connected, we can afterwards start charging a phone by cranking a arm possibly clockwise or counterclockwise.

crank it upcrank it up

So how most appetite can we get out of this phone case? According to a makers, cranking a arm for dual mins will revitalise your iPhone from a passed battery to Emergency Call (Battery Critical) status. If we were to crank a arm for 10 minutes, a box is able of generating adequate appetite to power your iPhone for adult to dual hours of unchanging use.

crankcase battery lifecrankcase battery life

Overall, a CrankCase is a good choice and/or addition to a appetite bank. The box is also ideal if you’ll be streamer somewhere where a appetite opening might not be available.

While there is no denying that a CrankCase does make we work for your changed battery life, it still beats a choice of carrying a passed phone.

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