There’s a New Way to Share WiFi Password in iOS 11 & You’ll Like It

With a iOS 11 beta chronicle now available, people are finding some of a new facilities in Apple’s latest handling complement that a association did not discuss during a WWDC 2017 keynote.

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While a smaller volume slider and new AirPod controls are flattering neat, maybe a many engaging underline that Apple has introduced with iOS 11 is a ability to share Wi-Fi passwords with other devices.

First detected by a folks during 9to5Mac, it appears that iOS 11 inclination can now share Wi-Fi passwords with one another simply by being in tighten vicinity to one another. The approach this works is as follows:

Step 1: Open a Wi-Fi Password screen on your unfriendly iOS 11 device.

enter passwordenter password

Step 2: Once a shade is opened, pierce a unfriendly iOS 11 device to a nearby connected iOS 11 device.

Step 3: Doing so will means a prompt to seem on a connected iOS 11 device that asks a user if they would like to send a Wi-Fi cue over to a unfriendly device.

share wifishare wifi

Step 4: If a user chooses to send a password, a cue margin on a unfriendly device will be populated automatically after a brief delay.

complete approvalcomplete approval

While this underline will no doubt infer accessible when it comes to pity Wi-Fi passwords, do note that this feature is disdainful to iOS 11. As such, those who are stranded on comparison versions of iOS will still need to submit a Wi-Fi cue manually.

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