Test Your Site’s Accessibility Color Rating With Hex Naw

Looking for a approach to urge your accessibility rating? There’s a lot we can do and a subject of accessibility runs deep.

But one of a simplest things we can do is change your site’s color selection. You wish a tone intrigue that matches and blends easily with a strong contrariety for users with tone blindness or prophesy impairment.

Hex Naw is a giveaway accessibility apparatus that’ll assistance we devise this out. It works right in your browser and lets we compare any dual colors to see how they smoke-stack up opposite any other in accessibility tests.

hex naw tone toolhex naw tone tool

In fact, a apparatus indeed lets we supplement up to 12 colors all in a same test. This approach we can sign a efficacy of your whole blueprint by comparing all your colors together.

Note that some colors might work softened on their own, or work softened together. That’s to be expected.

Which is because Hex Naw indeed compares all these colors individually so we can sign a rating for yourself. Granted this means if you’re contrariety 6+ colors afterwards you’re gonna have a lot of combinations to differentiate through.

But it’s a tiny cost to compensate for ensuring your site is entirely permitted to all users.

With any tone pair, you’ll get a contrast ratio and a rating for a tiny content and vast content opposite a credentials color. The app uses 4 ratings:

  • AAA – entirely compliant.
  • AA – mostly agreeable though still great.
  • A – decent though could be improved.
  • Naw – not a good combo.

The “naw” is fundamentally a unwell class opposite a WCAG discipline for contrast. If any of your colors get that rating you’ll unequivocally wish to rethink them!

hexnaw representation toolhexnaw representation tool

Overall this app is flattering cold and super easy to use. we unequivocally like how we can fast review mixed colors opposite any other given it’s not something you’ll find in other contrariety ratio apps.

But check it out for yourself and see what we think. If we wanna make some simple accessibility improvements to your site afterwards this apparatus is value bookmarking.

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