Stegano – Malware that all Internet Explorer users be wakeful of

Researchers have found a antagonistic malware, called Stegano that has targeted millions of unknowingly users of Internet Explorer by renouned websites. The scariest partial about this malware is that it manages to go undetected for dual years before anyone manages to detect it.

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Stegano’s attacks start as javascript-infected ads for a screenshot app called “Broxu” and a remoteness apparatus called “Browser Defense”. These ads are afterwards pushed into incomparable ad networks, and after show adult on vital news sites that will eventually be visited by millions of unknowingly users.


When a putrescent ad shows up, Stegano scans, extracts and afterwards runs a formula that exploits an known Internet Explorer vulnerability. Once it confirms that a sourroundings it is using in is indeed vulnerable, Stegano would bucket a one-pixel iframe offscreen that redirects a user to a alighting page.

The alighting page would afterwards bucket a record that is able of exploiting three different Flash vulnerabilities.

gif with cached datagif with cached data

The impulse Stegano knows your appurtenance is vulnerable, it will arrangement a special GIF record that contains cached data. This malware-ridden picture can be identified when we wizz into it, as it contains a QR-like formula that isn’t quite conspicuous to a exposed eye.

Finally, it will perform one final confidence check that scans for any confidence software. If a indicate fails to detect anything that could display it, a malware would download and launch a payload, withdrawal a putrescent machines with a backdoor, keylogger, screenshot builder and a video maker.


As Stegano relies on Internet Explorer and Flash to work, a simplest prevision is to equivocate both. Researchers have also mentioned that a malware can be avoided by carrying entirely patched software, that is, “a reliable, updated internet confidence solution”.

Source: ESET

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