Spy on Any Website’s Tech Stack with SiteStacks

Ever wanted to learn that programming denunciation or CMS powers your favorite website? Well, SiteStacks has we lonesome with a free hunt apparatus for espionage on website tech.

There are some other collection that offer identical facilities like this one for espionage on WordPress themes plugins. But, SiteStacks takes a thought one step further.

This apparatus can tell we everything about a site’s government setup. It goes over only server environments to embody analytics platforms, social media tools, advertising tech, security, email, eCommerce platforms, and most more.

On a homepage, enter any URL of your favorite website. This can be an eCommerce shop, a blog, a amicable networking site or anything else. SiteStacks isn’t ideal though it’ll lift a lot of a right tech, but most effort.

On a sum page, you’ll get a list of all a technologies regulating on a site, including third-party libraries and tools. You can see that CMS they’re regulating (if any), along with hosting companies for a website files and email.

sitestacks on cnnsitestacks on cnn

Each object links to a examination page on Siftery that is a user-powered tech examination site. This lets we read some-more about a service to learn who’s regulating it, what it offers, and if we competence wish to use it yourself.

Think of SiteStacks some-more like a spy apparatus for a web. It’s a good approach to see that technologies your competitors are regulating and how we can best monopolize on those.

However, we did notice a lack of WordPress plugin detection. This would be an overwhelming underline to add, so users could check out a WP-powered site and also get a list of all active plugins.

But for a cost of free, we consider SiteStacks offers some-more than enough. It’s maybe a best approach to start study how your competitors run their sites and a alternatives for your possess site.

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