Solutions to PC Overheating & How to Keep it Cool

Is your PC heating adult like Uncle Tom’s grill? Well, it’s really one of a signs that your mechanism competence be in trouble. Heat can delayed down your PC and automatically close it down heading to information loss, or permanent repairs a components. If your desktop or laptop is heating adult to a indicate of concern, afterwards we need to take transformation immediately.

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In this post, we will uncover we everything we need to know to cold down your heating PC and get it behind regulating smoothly.

Understanding PC heating and cooling system

Before we excavate into a tips as how to cold down your PC, it is critical to know because PC heats adult and how a cooling complement works.

Every PC has mixed components with relocating tools that beget feverishness while working. CPU and GPU are a many feverishness generating components. The harder these components work, a some-more feverishness is generated. If this feverishness isn’t cooled down, a it can stop a PC from operative and might repairs a components as well.

Usually, computer manufacturers fit fans inside a PCs to keep a airflow going and a components cooled down. There could be mixed fans, one on a CPU, another on a GPU and some-more nearby other components. Also, on your laptop or desktop, we might have beheld one or some-more transformation areas during a bottom or back, by that your PC fans fan a atmosphere to keep a components from heating.

So for this guide, we will assume that your PC uses fan/air cooling complement to cold down a PC.

Now if your PC is heating up, there could be customarily dual reasons for that. Either there is a problem with a cooling system, or a components are heating adult to a indicate your PC’s cooling complement can’t hoop it. In this guide, we will be giving solutions to both a problems.

How many is your PC heating up?

To take a suitable action, we first need to see how many is your PC is heating up. For this purpose, HWMonitor is a good giveaway apparatus that will uncover we a current and max feverishness of your CPU and GPU.

Launch a apparatus and we will see both GPU and CPU temperatures along with some other hardware associated information. Here check a “Max” temperature. If it’s anywhere over 60°C while your PC is heating, afterwards it should be of regard and we should follow all a below-mentioned solutions to correct your heating PC.

monitor temperaturemonitor temperature

Going adult to 55°C max isn’t too many of a problem if we use your PC for gaming or regulating complicated applications. Although, we can still follow some of a “good to know” tips subsequent to ensure we don’t face any heating emanate in a future.

Fixing cooling complement problems

First, we will speak about regulating problems with a cooling complement of your PC as it is customarily a means of PC heating up. Below are some ways we can fix cooling complement problems.

Check if a fan is operative or not

If a fan of your PC isn’t operative fine or for some reason it can’t fan air, a outcome will be an over-heated PC. In such a box we will have to get it bound from a correct shop. Here is how to check if a fan is operative scrupulously or not:

When we press a energy symbol to start adult a PC, we hear a gratifying “vroom” sound. Well, that’s a sound of a fans inside, that run during full stifle during initial and afterwards delayed down as a PC boots. If we can’t hear that sound when a PC starts, or maybe we feel a sound is reduction absolute than before, afterwards there is a possibility that a fans aren’t operative well.

To examine further, you can open adult a PC to see if a fans are working or not. If we are not gentle with opening a PC, afterwards use a flashlight to see inside a PC’s transformation holes for regulating fans. If we are not means to see any movement, we should immediately take it to a correct emporium before a feverishness melts down a components.

Avoid restraint a vents

You should never place your PC on your bed, sweeping or any other soothing surface while working. Such soothing and disproportionate surfaces retard a airflow from a vents, resultantly warming adult a PC (especially if they are located subsequent a PC). Instead, always place a PC on a tough surface, preferably a wooden list or laptop tray, so that a ventilation area never gets blocked

Clean adult a PC

If we haven’t spotless your PC in a while, afterwards dirt is many substantially a means of a heating PC. It is easy to purify a desktop, though laptop users might cite to take it to a correct emporium and get it serviced. If we wish to purify a PC yourself, follow a below-mentioned steps:

  • First, totally turn off a PC and unplug it.
  • Now open a cover and we should be means to see manifest dust. To purify it up, we can use a can of dense atmosphere or a root ventilator (at delayed speed). Blow a categorical PC components with air, generally a fans, from both front and behind sides.
  • You can also use string buds to purify adult a slight spaces. However, don’t worry if we can’t get it sparkly cleaned, as we are customarily looking to get absolved of any blockage caused by dust.

I had a same problem with my heating PC. It would go over 80°C with customarily a few hours of use. A good blow with a root ventilator got absolved of all a dust and now it frequency goes nearby 55°C during max usage.

Reapply thermal paste

Thermal pulp is customarily a rarely conductive element that is practical between CPU/GPU and heatsinks. This pulp ensures that a feverishness is scrupulously changed out of a PC. If this element gets old, it will really impact a effectiveness of a cooling system.

If a above tips don’t help, we can also try reapplying a thermal paste. Here is a minute step-by-step essay on how to scrupulously buy and request thermal paste.

PC components generating too many heat

If a fans are operative excellent and there is no dirt problem, afterwards a other reason of a heating PC might be that a components are generating so many feverishness that a fans aren’t means to handle. Especially if a PC is old, there is a possibility that it might beget some-more feverishness as compared to when it was new.

So if we have an aged PC, afterwards it might be a error of a components instead of a cooling system. In such a case, here’s what we should do:

Stop overclocking

Overclocking your CPU and GPU is a good approach to get some-more out of your PC. If we have overclocked your PC, afterwards many substantially we already know that it also leads to generating some-more heat, as your CPU and GPU will have to work harder to give we a speed they are not dictated to provide.

To stop PC from overheating we should time behind to strange speed. It is better to save PC components, than to get proxy speed boost.

Speed adult fan speed

There is also an choice to speed adult a cooling complement some-more than normal. You can use a giveaway SpeedFan module to guard and control your PC’s fan speed. The focus allows we to control a speed of your PC fan manually or by regulating certain presets. You can also concede it to automatically conduct fan speed according to stream feverishness of your PC.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for all a PCs. Some motherboards don’t concede control over fan speed, so there’s a possibility that this choice may not work for you. If you’re still meddlesome in determining your PC’s fan speed, we can use an external fan controller, such as this charity by Zalman. You can insert a controller to your PC and it will concede we to manually control fan speed (no module needed).

Put reduction vigour on your PC

If we are putting more vigour on your PC than it can handle, it could be a means of heating PC. Don’t invariably use your PC for complicated gaming, generally a ones that your PC apparatus can’t even handle. If a diversion or module we are regulating faces loiter or delayed downs, afterwards this means it is not meant for your PC and you are customarily putting vigour on your PC.

Only use programs that are concordant to your PC, and don’t use a module invariably that takes adult over 90% of your CPU power. Laptop users should take note of this advice.

Underclock CPU

Unlike overclocking, underclocking your CPU will also lead to generating reduction heat as a CPU isn’t being used during a speed it is built for. Of course, this will also affect a opening of your PC, though we shouldn’t be regulating too complicated applications on a heating PC anyway.

You can underclock your CPU regulating mixed methods. You can possibly do it from PC BIOS (if supported), use a third-party application like Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, or do it from operating system’s energy options.

Doing it from a handling system’s energy options is a much easier solution than a others. We will uncover we how to do it in Windows, we can hunt your operating system’s energy settings for a identical option.

In Windows, press Window + R and form “powercfg.cpl”. This authority will open energy options, here click on “Change devise settings” subsequent to your stream devise and afterwards click on “Change modernized energy settings” on a subsequent page.

change devise settingschange devise settings
advanced settingsadvanced settings

In a modernized energy options, click on a “plus” (+) symbol subsequent to “Processor energy management” choice to enhance a settings. Here set “Minimum processor state” to “5%” and “Maximum energy state” to your preferred percentage.

For example, we can set “Maximum energy state” to “70%” to customarily concede a processor to strech max 70% of a sum estimate energy underneath pressure. In many cases, 70 to 80% should be adequate to put reduction bucket on a processor and have a fast system.

underlock PCunderlock PC

While we are during it, we should also try to use your PC in energy saving mode instead of high performance. In energy saving mode, a PC focuses some-more on working passively than actively putting vigour on PC components. So this also generates reduction heat.

External methods to cold down your PC

The above solutions should be adequate to cold down your PC if there was a problem with cooling complement or a repairs wasn’t too much. However, if your PC is still heating up, we might like to give an outmost cooling complement a try.

Laptop users can use a portable cooling pad to augmenting cooling energy of a PC. These pads customarily use fans that attach to your laptop and boost a airflow, such as this HAVIT cooling pad.

There is also a PC cooling pretence that takes advantage of copper coins. As copper has some-more thermal conductivity, it can catch some-more feverishness if we place them on top of your PC. Here is a minute essay on copper silver trick. Do keep in mind that this pretence isn’t corroborated by any experiments, nonetheless it does make sense.


A heating PC should never be ignored as a some-more your PC heats a some-more permanent repairs will be caused to a components. we give we this recommendation as we also once abandoned my heating laptop and when we got it repaired; it never gets to grasp speed and fortitude as before.

In many cases, it would be a dirt inside your PC that would be a means of PC heating. Although, impassioned PC use or overclocking are categorical factors as well.

Do let us know in a comments if we managed to correct your heating PC and how we did it.

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