Share Large Files & Projects With Pibox Messaging App

We collect a favorite messaging apps for a accumulation of reasons, preferences and needs. But among all a permitted messaging app choices out there, when it comes to pity vast files, not all can deliver.

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Usually messaging apps extent a distance of a image; this means that the outcome is not as good as a original. If a record we wish to send is vast and we don’t wish a sent summary to take a strike in a peculiarity department, afterwards you need a messaging app called Pibox.

What is Pibox?

Pibox is a messaging app equipped with file-sharing superpowers. It lets we summary friends and family around personal chatrooms or organisation chats. Currently Pibox is permitted as a web app as good as an Android app. The iOS chronicle is entrance soon (click here to be told when it does).


On a web app version, there are dual categorical tabs: a Chat add-on that contains chat story and your contacts, and a Box add-on where all your files are stored. You can upload your files in a Box or directly to chat, no matter if it is a print or video.

Moreover, we can give your friends entrance to your files by promulgation your files in Box to friends on Chat.

How does a file-sharing work

Via Pibox, we can share 4K videos and even RAW photos but detriment of quality. From any open chat, only select to insert a video or print record from a Box, or upload it true from your PC or phone.

Alternatively, we can drag a record we wish and dump it in to start sharing. All common equipment will be tracked in a Files history that is permitted once we switch to Files mode.

For record quality, it lets we send files in dual modes: HD and non-HD. HD mode for when we wish to send a record in high quality, or non-HD mode, in a time when tie is bad and quality isn’t unequivocally a tip priority. You can toggle between a two, and all your common files will be stored in one place.

hd mode piboxhd mode pibox

Another engaging underline it has is that it lets we share files even with users who are not nonetheless on Pibox. This is called Public Chat/Files. When we emanate a open chat, we will get a couple to a conversation. Share this couple with your friends and they will have entrance to a discuss as good as a files.

Which record formats does it support?

It supports roughly all of a vital formats! Whether it’s videos, pictures, papers or even installers, all is sharable here. Pibox also claims that they have a faster upload/download speed than any other platforms like Telegram or even Dropbox.

How most record storage do we get?

Any record that we send to your friends regulating Pibox will say a strange quality, that means your storage is going to be utterly big to keep adult with your common files. You are given giveaway cloud storage to conduct and sync all your files.

After initial pointer up, we will get 3 GB storage for free. You can also get additional space, adult to 1000 GB by mouth-watering your friends to join Pibox. Each crony mention gives we about 3.14 GB so.

invite to get 1000 gb storageinvite to get 1000 gb storage
  • Files sent regulating Pibox will maintain their strange quality.
  • You can get additional capacity adult to 1000 GB by mouth-watering your friends to join Pibox.
  • Works good on desktop as good as a mobile app.
  • Promises faster uploading and downloading speed as compared to other platforms (Telegram, Google Drive, Dropbox).
  • No paid options, everything is free (at a time of writing).
  • There is no browser bookmarklet permitted yet.
  • You can only entice your friends around their phone number (no email invitation) that is a bit inconvenient.
  • For mobile app, a use is now only permitted to Andoid users.
  • Desktop app has no folder/directory integration that allows utilizing files right from a folder (like on Dropbox).

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