SEO for Etsy: 3 tips to urge your store’s hunt visibility

We live in a age of personalization and customization.

Businesses are perplexing to find ways to personalize their services to improved bond with overarching trends. With a Internet during your disposal, we can have a tradition shirt with your dog’s face on it and also get a shirt for your dog with your face on it.

This is usually one instance of a flourishing customization enlightenment and seductiveness for a uncanny that has cropped up, causing an uptick in a volume of Etsy stores out there.

As of 2014, Etsy had 54 million users —up from usually 5 million users in 2004. 1.4 million of these Etsy users are active sellers. As some-more Etsy stores cocktail up, a space becomes some-more competitive.

etsy trends

Optimizing your Etsy store and products will assistance we stay manifest either business hunt on Etsy or Google. Here are a elemental tips and tricks to assistance raise your Etsy store and product listings to boost trade from Google to expostulate sales.

Etsy keyword investigate

Having an bargain of your customer’s keyword for your possess business is over absolute and can assistance intensity clients and fans find you.

Marmalead is a good apparatus to find keywords for Etsy shops. With it we can form in a tab (or keyword) and see sum formula or competing products and shops, sum views, normal views per week, normal favorites per week, and most more. F

or a some-more in-depth reason of this apparatus and how to use it for keywords, check out a Ultimate Etsy SEO Guide on Marketing Artfully.

dog beds etsy

Another giveaway choice to find keywords for your business – either you’re a painter or sell tradition koozies – is a Google Keyword Planner Tool.

In a Keyword Planner, we can enter one or mixed keywords and Google will tell we a severe guess of how many searches there are a month, a competition, suggested bid (if we were regulating an Adwords campaign), and associated keywords.

This provides discernment as to how people are acid for products associated to what we offer.

Let’s contend we sell luminary request candles, that we wish we do. Instead of regulating a keyword “celebrity request candles”, we can also try “celebrity candles” or even “funny request candles.”

adwords keyword planner

Although “celebrity request candles” competence be your accurate object there is an event to take a tip mark for “funny request candles” given no shops are now optimized around it (see screenshot below).

Choosing keywords that have reduce hunt volume, reduction competition, and are privately associated to your products competence be improved choices to lift in germane traffic.

Slight variations in keywords can make all a difference, and carrying keywords during your ordering is good ammunition, either we have an Etsy emporium or a blog on a WordPress site. You need to know what people are looking for and how to strech them.

Make certain to keep a list of germane keywords prepared whenever we are formulating a new product listing.

Optimize your Etsy emporium for Etsy and Google… though also your customers

You’ve got those overwhelming keywords during your disposal. Now it’s time to use them!

The coolest thing keywords can do is uncover we how people are indeed acid for your items. Instead of guessing in a dark, we can use terms that intensity business are regulating to find your products.

Optimizing both your emporium and products are essential to being found on Google and to have people click through. Let’s lapse to a favorite request candle example.

celebrity request candles search

Above are a tip dual formula for ‘celebrity request candles’. The initial outcome has a meta outline that is a correct length and tells we about a business, though a business name is cut off from a page title.

On a other hand, a second outcome has a business name in a page pretension (but before a keyword) and a meta outline is installed with too most information and is not succinct.

A page pretension should be max 65 characters and a meta outline should be a limit of 140 characters. Your page title/store pretension should fast promulgate what your business does and a name.

A improved page pretension for a initial Etsy store competence be “Celebrity Prayer Candles | Granny’s Hope Chest”. This pretension is short, though lets we know what a store offers and what it’s called.

A good apparatus to preview what your emporium pretension and proclamation will demeanour like is a Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool.

Optimize your Etsy product listings

If you’re perplexing to pierce specific product on Etsy afterwards we need to optimize: 1. pretension description, 2. tags, 3. a initial judgment of a product description, 4. categories and materials.

Google pulls this information to emanate what shows adult in hunt engine outcome pages, so optimizing scrupulously can assistance boost trade on specific products.

The Etsy product pretension is what Google uses for your listing’s pretension tag, H1 tag, and picture alt tab for any page so make it ominous and keyword optimized.

etsy optimise product listings

Scott Taft does a good pursuit of serve explaining how your Etsy store translates on Google.

Let’s contend we not usually emanate luminary request candles, though we unequivocally flog it adult a nick and privately emanate Steve Buscemi request candles.

Yes, there are an normal of 30 searches a month for “Steve Buscemi Prayer Candle,” according to Google Keyword Planner. Since Buscemi request candles are a small some-more renouned than we would imagine, optimizing your product inventory for both Etsy and Google can make a large disproportion in separating your Steve candles from a rest of a luminary candle pack.

steve buscemi request candle

Again, make certain your product pretension uses a keyword before your business name and is 65 characters or less.

In this case, if someone is looking for a Steve Buscemi request candle afterwards chances are they have a flattering good clarity of humor, so your product outline should be combined to pull a intensity patron in with smart copy.

The meta outline pulls a initial judgment from your product outline (as Scott Taft points out in a picture below). Remember to make a judgment tighten to 120 characters and embody a same keyword from your page title, if possible.

etsy meta description

Using a keyword ‘Steve Buscemi request candle’, we combined a keyword-focused page pretension and meta outline that is clear, concise, and competence interest to Buscemi fans. The page title/title outline is 55 characters and a product/meta outline is 116 characters.

Creating Etsy product titles/page titles and meta/product descriptions that are keyword focused, informative, and fun can assistance an artist stay manifest on Google.

etsy meta descriprion on google

Implementing a keyword plan competence seem treacherous and unchanging during first, though it will eventually turn slight and is certain to produce results.

Understanding how people hunt for and see your emporium and products is essential to behaving good as a customized marketplace grows. When it comes to SEO, try to consider like a tellurian initial and a hunt engine second.

No matter what you’re selling, take a few mins to consider about how we would be acid for your product on a hunt engine and afterwards use a collection and tips to emanate a strategy. A rival space isn’t a bad thing when we know your assembly and how to strech them.

Maddie Silverstein is an SEO Analyst during DigitasLBi and a writer to SEW. You can bond with Maddie on Twitter: @maddigler.

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