Self-Organization Lessons You Can Learn from German Students

I have been vital in Germany for 5 years and we have interacted with people from roughly all walks of life. When we came here for a Masters program, my many endless bearing has been with German students.

This engaging organisation of people who blow their nose aloud in a category and uncover their thankfulness to a clergyman by knocking on a table when a harangue ends, also possess sharp self-organizing skills embedded in their personalities.

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Coming from a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kind of culture, we was primarily irritated by their trained demeanor. But with a thoroughfare of time, we saw in them these tiny things that helped me get my life together, not usually during studies though after in personal and veteran life as well.

The following is a outline of my observations and practice per self-organization that we learnt from my associate German students.

Never disaster with Mr. Uhr

Punctuality is indeed one of a many critical aspects of self-organization that vouches for a person’s credibility, honesty and his spin of commitment towards a task.

Although all and everybody in Germany observes punctuality, German students follow Mr. Uhr (Mr. Clock) with roughly eremite fervor. You would not design them to be late in reaching a class. Even for parties and cooking invitations, they would strech right on time.

never disaster with mr uhrnever disaster with mr uhr

Inspired by my German friends, we started holding punctuality utterly seriously. Initially it was hard, though with a thoroughfare of time we devised my possess process to equivocate being late.

For instance, for any appointment we make mini timelines that don’t usually embody when to leave a house, though smaller milestones like when should we be dressed already, and by what time should we be finished with breakfast etc.

This approach we am occasionally late in reaching somewhere and never have to disaster with Mr. Uhr again.

Life has no definition though a slot planner

One thing we will find in any German student’s bag is a pocket planner. From classes and sports activities to family entertainment and even dates, these tiny colorful diaries lift all sorts of appointments and arriving engagements.

pocket plannerpocket planner

IMAGE: A Little Design Everyday

They even put in repeated tasks in their slot planners so one appointment never converges another.

I privately adopted this robe a tiny differently. As my bag is already flattering stuffed, we don’t opt for a slot planner though cite to do all a scheduling by my phone’s calendar.

This tiny robe has saved me from embarrassment and panic of overlapping appointments so many times, and a vacant spaces in a report remind me about all a giveaway time we have for myself and my family.

The word ‘laser focus’ was invented for them

We review a word ‘laser focus’ a lot these days, in government articles and motivational speeches etc. But if we wish to see an essence of this word, afterwards German students are a right specimen. They have a strong bent to repair their thoroughness on one goal and seldom demeanour sideways.

Today’s universe is full of distractions and gripping a pointy thoroughness can get flattering grueling. But by observation, we satisfied that with certain tiny practices can assistance we thoroughness better.

  • Set picturesque goals for your tasks. If your goals are picturesque and achievable, you’ll be some-more focused towards completing them successfully.
  • Putting your mobile phone on silent mode can do wonders with your concentration.
  • Take brief breaks during a task. You will always come behind to work with a uninformed mind and a thoroughness reload.
  • A elementary robe of list-making is a torpedo thoroughness technique that not usually eliminates highlight and anxiety, though also gives a boost to your memory.
Coordination is a ‘Hauptsache’

During a tyro years we mostly had to do organisation work with a German counterparts. we didn’t mind it, though a thing that angry me to a core were group meetings.

No matter how pardonable an assignment is, my German classmates always insisted on visit organisation meetings, and after any assembly one of us was compulsory to send ‘minutes of a meeting’ to a rest of a group.


Irritated, we once asked one of my German friends because they reason so many meetings, some of that final no some-more than 5 minutes. He replied, “Koordination ist die Hauptsache” (Coordination is a categorical thing).

His answer done sum sense, that it’s not a meetings or emails, a purpose is to keep everybody in a organisation on a same page.

The doctrine we took from it was that detached from organisation work, coordination also has a large purpose to play in a person’s self-organization. For instance, we found that when it comes to a charge or assignment, staying in communication with your clergyman constructed improved results.

Similarly in a veteran life, keeping your trainer or manager in a loop of communication on a certain plan creates certain that you’re going in a right direction.

To sum up

Who doesn’t like a clutter-free orderly life? The problem however comes when people indeed try to get their life orderly though don’t unequivocally know where to start.


I was once like that, idle and demotivated. But when we started watching my German classmates around me, we satisfied as how most we was missing.

From this essay we positively don’t meant to advise that German students are a ideal citation of super tellurian beings. In fact, some of their attributes are totally weird on so many levels.

However, if we see something good in someone, always make it a indicate to conclude it and if possible, try to confederate it in your personality.

The things that we have mentioned above are clearly teenager activities, though if taken adult seriously, they have a ability to spin a tables in your life. In today’s engaging universe there are a hundred collection and strategy to keep yourself organized, however they all require we to initial take control of your life.

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