Self-hosted Cloud Storage: Nextcloud vs. ownCloud vs. Seafile

Are we formulation to build your possess Dropbox-type cloud storage for your group or business? Though there are various self-hosted cloud solutions for formulating a private cloud nonetheless all of them will not fit your requirements.

That is why, in this post we am going to confront a tip 3 self-hosted cloud storage solutions i.e. Nextcloud, ownCloud, and Seafile, to assistance we collect a best. These 3 are free and open-source solutions to emanate and horde private cloud — a cloud for we and your contacts only.

So, let us plead these in fact to know where they mount individually.


ownCloud was started to yield a free deputy for exclusive storage use providers. Nextcloud, on a other hand, is a featureful flare of ownCloud that was started by ownCloud’s core developers including a first developer. And Seafile was innate with an design to develop and discharge a record syncing software.

Although these 3 were started to yield a proprietary-free cloud storage resolution nonetheless they have lots of differences. The many important among those is, ownCloud and Seafile offer dual editions — a server book that is giveaway and open-source and a pro/enterprise book with additional features, though Nextcloud, on a other hand, facilities a single book with discretionary craving support.

Download options

Nextcloud provides numerous methods to implement or get it — an repository record and a web installer for dedicated servers and common hosts. It also offers appliances and images for easy deployment to your servers.

Lastly, there are also officially suggested cloud providers and device manufacturers to get it easily.

ownCloud, being a bottom of Nextcloud, offers roughly identical designation options — a tarball and a web installer. It also offers appliances, images, and placement packages to muster it straightforwardly on servers. Moreover, there are several hosting partners to emanate and pointer adult for your private cloud quickly.

Seafile gives less options than a above two — a web installer (installation script) as good as pre-built binary packages for Linux distributions. Moreover, it offers docker images and supports Raspberry Pi as well, interestingly.

Nextcloud is a transparent winner here. You can get processed inclination with preinstalled Nextcloud, that are not accessible for ownCloud. And both of these offer a lot some-more than Seafile for removing and environment adult a private cloud.

Usability features

Sharing features

Nextcloud offers countless facilities to raise partnership among a team. It supports Collabora Online Office to concede observation and modifying papers online.

Moreover, we can hunt for and share a record with a user or group on a cloud, supplement comments to plead about it, or emanate a open couple to share it with others. You can also supplement a death date or a password to links for combined protection.

Nextcloud has pity featuresNextcloud has pity features

ownCloud facilities all pity facilities of Nextcloud. What we found singular as good as engaging is a ‘Guests’ feature, that enables formulating singular accounts that allow guest to have full collaboration though assigning them as members.

ownCloud has Guests featureownCloud has Guests feature

Seafile too offers roughly a same facilities as Nextcloud. It also avails a library underline to emanate libraries of files and folders that we can afterwards sync or share.

Seafile has Library featureSeafile has Library feature

ownCloud certainly stands out in this territory with a singular underline ‘Guests’. Of course, both a other solutions yield all a required pity features.

Supported devices

Nextcloud desktop clients support Windows 7 and above, macOS 10.10 and newer versions, and Linux distributions as well. Its mobile apps are accessible for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms with a final one still in contrast phase.

ownCloud too supports all inclination as Nextcloud solely for Windows Mobile.

Seafile also supports as many platforms as upheld by ownCloud. What creates it singular is it provides drive and sync clients separately for desktop platforms.

Though Nextcloud has a corner here nonetheless Windows Mobile height is reduction used, so all a 3 solutions have roughly a same set of upheld devices.

Apps integrations

Nextcloud offers ‘Nextcloud Talk’ and ‘Nextcloud Groupware’, that promotes partnership and capability among a group and creates it a finish solution. Talk allows a users to text, call, or have web meetings with other users. Groupware provides webmail, calendar, and contacts government features.

Also, a ‘App Store’ hosts 120+ apps to supplement some-more functionalities.

Nextcloud Talk adds call featureNextcloud Talk adds call feature

ownCloud’s store facilities central apps for calendar and contacts. Its ‘ownCloud Marketplace’ stores 200+ central and third-party apps to extend a functionality.

I found there are apps to supplement bookmarks and tasks feature, supplement outmost storage services including Dropbox, confederate a backup solution, etc.

However, there is no app to supplement text, call, or web meetings support, distinct Nextcloud.

ownCloud's Contacts appownCloud's Contacts app

Seafile, on a other hand, misses all such features. That means, it is only a record sync and share height with support for online bureau though it lacks partnership features like calendar, contacts, web mail, and calm and call as well.

Nextcloud is really a leader here — it is a mature resolution with several partnership features, creation it a self-hosted opposition of Google Drive + Hangouts.

ownCloud lacks many such facilities though is still improved than Seafile, that is only a Dropbox-like record storage resolution with simple partnership options.

Security features

Nextcloud facilities strong confidence measures including encryption while information transfer, server-side storage encryption, and client-side end-to-end encryption. It also offers record entrance control and app entrance rights for improved control.

Also, LDAP, SAML, Active Directory, and Kerberos are upheld out of a box.

Nextcloud's confidence featuresNextcloud's confidence features

ownCloud offers similar confidence facilities with some exceptions to Nextcloud like it does not underline app entrance rights and Native SAML support. ownCloud even skip calm confidence process feature, that is offering by Nextcloud.

Seafile also facilities server-side information encryption and end-to-end encryption during customer side along with encryption during information transfer. However, it misses facilities like LDAP and Active Directory, that are found in others.

Nextcloud is again a victor in this section. Though all 3 are good during common and essential confidence facilities nonetheless Nextcloud has lot some-more facilities to strengthen your information from intruders and give admins excellent control over a accessors.

Enterprise features

Nextcloud, as we told before, offers roughly everything in a giveaway edition. It does embody full-text search, anti-virus integration, information workflow management, record entrance control, review logs, and integrated comment management.

If we opt for one of their subscriptions, they offer we upkeep and support. Moreover, we can opt for Collabora Online Office or branding services separately.

Nextcloud supports Collabora Online OfficeNextcloud supports Collabora Online Office

ownCloud facilities many capability and confidence facilities in a craving edition. Its workflows underline lets we automate record management, ownBrander lets we custom code your cloud, and SharePoint formation offers entrance to all SharePoint files on ownCloud.

Moreover, it offers network expostulate support, file firewall (to set entrance manners for files), review logs, singular sign-on, and more.

ownCloud's PDF Viewer appownCloud's PDF Viewer app

Seafile too offers countless facilities in a pro edition. You can close files to equivocate co-editing, set permissions on folders, and have role-based accounts. If we speak about usability features, it embody full-text record search, Office Online Server integration, and an online rubbish cleaner.

Moreover, it facilities modernized singular sign-on, remote wipe, anti-virus integration, and review record for high security.

Nextcloud is really improved than a other dual here — generally if we are looking for a low-cost nonetheless featureful solution.

It avails many facilities in a giveaway book and a subscription cost is lowest with ownCloud’s being highest.

Which to choose?

It is your preference during a finish of a day, though we will advise to weigh your team’s or business’s mandate with a facilities supposing by these solutions. Then we can choose one of these formed on a best match. Don’t we agree?

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