Search Emojis in Gboard Using Doodles

Gboard for Android users will no longer need to corkscrew by a whole emoji library to find that specific one they need as an refurbish Google has enabled a keyboard to make emoji hunt a lot easier.

Gboard now comes with Google’s hunt app for iOS

Gboard now comes with Google’s hunt app for iOS

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So how did Google urge on a emoji search? By using a energy of doodles! Now, when we entrance Gboard’s emoji tab, you’ll be means to see a scratch idol located inside a emoji hunt box.

type a messagetype a message

Tapping on it will open adult a vacant space in that you’ll be means to draw an picture of a emoji you’re looking for. As we loll on a space, Gboard will publish a list of emojis that might fit a image that you’re now doodling. Once a emoji we wish appears, all we need to do is tap on it to supplement it to your message.


Doodle-powered emoji hunt aside, Gboard for Android has also perceived improvements in other areas as well. For those who frequently content messages to others, Google has implemented a underline called phrase suggestions to Gboard.

Powered by appurtenance learning, this complement will concede Gboard to advise phrases that would connect naturally with a judgment that is now being constructed.

suggest phrasesuggest phrase

Finally, Google has done a keyboard’s hunt functionality a lot some-more useful as it can now showcase mixed results. In further to that, Gboard can now launch a required app or use depending on a hunt outcome that you’ve selected. For example, if we were to name a YouTube video, Gboard would automatically foot adult a YouTube app.

keyboard hunt functionkeyboard hunt function

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