Screens – Simplify your split-screen knowledge on Android Nougat

Split-screen is one of a many facilities that was introduced in Android Nougat, permitting we to have dual apps on your shade during any one time. In an try to make a underline some-more permitted to people, a growth group called Keep Away From Fire has expelled an app called Screens that is meant to facilitate a split-screen experience.

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Available on a Android Play Store for phones that are using on Android Nougat, Screens is an app that creates a by-pass for dual apps that we wish to launch in split-screen mode.

When a app is launched, Screens will ask we to name dual apps that we wish to be displayed together.

  1. Once you’ve comparison a apps, you’ll be given a choice to name a by-pass for both apps.
  2. After that, all we need to do is click on a “Create Shortcut” button.
  3. Tapping on a by-pass combined by Screens will means both apps to open in split-screen mode, negating a need to manually set adult split-screen on your own.

While a underline is accessible to have, do note that Screens isn’t ideal as a by-pass generated by a app might destroy to work.

If you’re a kind of chairman that likes to tinker with applications, we might be gratified to know that the developers have expelled a source formula for Screens on GitHub, permitting we to make modifications or improvements to a app yourself.

Source: Android Authority

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