Samsung Reveals The Cause of Note 7 Explosions

After months of conjecture as to a reason behind a Note 7’s bent to casually combust, Samsung has finally resolved a investigation of a issue. Based on a formula Samsung has gathered, a Korean association strictly confirms that battery issues are a reason because a strange collection and deputy collection of smartphones malfunctioned as they did.

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With a original collection of Note 7, a categorical means of a battery disaster is due to a design smirch that is located during a upper-right dilemma of a smartphone.

Due to a approach a Note 7 is designed, a certain and disastrous electrodes could come into hit with any other should a protecting covering that separates them gets damaged. If a electrodes were to come into hit with one another, it would means a brief circuit that would light a battery.

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As for a replacement collection of Note 7, a error lies with a production of a battery. In Samsung’s promptness to pull out a deputy Note 7 to a public, some of a batteries that were designed for a deputy models came with a welding defect.

This welding forsake indemnification a insulation fasten that separates a certain and disastrous electrodes, permitting both electrodes to come into contact with one another and short-circuiting a battery. In some cases, Samsung even found that there was no insulation fasten to apart both electrodes from one another to start with.

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In sequence to forestall destiny Samsung phones from bursting like a Note 7 did, a association has announced that it will be implementing changes to a device production process.

Some of a changes embody assigning teams to control a final checks for any device’s core components, as good as an eight-point exam of a battery that ranges from visible investigation to cat-scan investigation and even a full disassembly

Source: Android Authority

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