Rough.js Makes Hand-Drawn Graphics with Canvas & SVG

It’s extraordinary to see how distant a web has come with dynamic elements such as in-browser SVGs. You can pattern all from custom animations to HTML5 games with a right libraries.

One of a newest libraries value contrast is Rough.js. It’s a free graphics era script now in beta that works on board and SVG elements.

You can build tradition icons, bar graphs, flattering many anything we wish all in code. And, a final outcome takes on a beautiful hand-drawn feeling.

As of this writing, Rough.js is still in v0.1 beta, so it may not be prepared for a live prolongation website. But it’s a explanation that web standards are surpassing fast and we’re entering an age where this kind of things is possible.

Take for instance this progress bar generated by Rough.js. If we click a “Start” symbol you’ll notice it runs a tradition animation that really looks hand-drawn. It’s regulating SVG lines with predefined patterns to emanate a rootless outcome that looks truly natural.

Rough.js hand-drawn character JavaScript graphicsRough.js hand-drawn character JavaScript graphics

On a categorical GitHub page, you’ll find a territory inventory many examples of Rough.js in action.

All of these come with formula samples and should be pretty easy to redo for any website. All we need is a Rough.js book record and some calm to disaster with a JavaScript.


Here’s a sample snippet demonstrating how to create a rectangle in code:

var severe = new RoughCanvas(document.getElementById('myCanvas'), 400, 200);
rough.rectangle(10, 10, 200, 200); // x, y, width, height

Pretty elementary once we know a formula though substantially not a many discerning book for beginners.

If we wish some-more formula snippets and representation demos check out a Rough.js homepage. It’s a ideal place to start training and to find formula snippets we can rework.

Also, if we have questions or suggestions for additional facilities we can summary a Rough.js creator on Twitter @preetster.

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