Restrict Access to Certain Mobile Apps with AppLock

Lending your phone to another person can be a unsure prospect, quite if we wish to avoid entrance to supportive information in some of your phone’s applications. Thankfully, there is an app called AppLock that lets we put a close on some of your some-more supportive apps.

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Available for Android devices, AppLock lets we set a confidence close on many of a device’s apps, folders and even functions.

All we need to do is to:

  • Open adult AppLock and find a focus or function that we wish to lock.
  • Once found, daub on a Lock icon, and on giving AppLock a scold privilege, the app will now be locked.

From that indicate forward, each time we confirm to launch a app, you’ll be prompted for a password before you’re means to entrance it.

app passcodeapp passcode

AppLock will concede we to use possibly a symbol cue or a pattern-based password. For inclination that facilities a fingerprint scanner, a app will also yield an choice for we to use your fingerprint instead.

unlock settingsunlock settings

For those who predict themselves lending out their inclination on a unchanging basis, AppLock lets we set adult tradition profiles as well. These profiles will let we select that apps are accessible and that apps are locked, allowing we to shorten tools of your phone according to your needs.

unlock appunlock app

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