Pokémon Go will launch the initial tellurian in-game eventuality for Halloween

With Halloween right around a corner, Pokémon Go will be celebrating a arise with a tellurian in-game eventuality that brings with it increasing Pokémon confront rates, and a boatload of candy.

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From Oct 26 to Nov 1, Niantic will boost a confront rate of “spooky” Pokémon. During a generation of a event, players will eventuality on a Zubat line, a Gastly line, and a Drowzee line of Pokémon with an increasing frequency.

It wouldn’t be Halloween if there was no discuss of candy, and certain enough, Niantic has increased a candy benefit rate for a event. During a event, throwing Pokémon will acquire we 6 pieces of candy instead of a common three. Your friend Pokémon will also give we 4 pieces of candy once we strech a aim distance. Finally, promulgation your held Pokémon to Professor Willow will net we dual pieces of candy.

If you’ve been focusing reduction on Pokémon Go for a past few weeks, or if you’re looking to energy turn or develop your Pokémon en masse, this Halloween eventuality will be a godsent for you.

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