Pokemon Go Problems: Commonly Asked Questions & Workable Fixes

Pokemon Go is a worldwide materialisation that has been creation headlines for a past few weeks and while there are many headlines about Pokemon Go players removing into all sorts of adventures (some of them some-more discouraging than others), many some-more players have been experiencing problems inside a game.

In this post, we will be looking during some of a many common problems Pokemon Go players face, as good as since a diversion behaves a approach it does, how to solve a issues fast and get behind to a game.

Pokemon Go - Gotta Catch 'Em All
Countries with Pokemon Go (so far)

Pokemon Go is accessible in a following countries.

If we can’t find your nation in a list, a diversion has not rolled out in your nation or region. You can find out when Pokemon Go has been launched in your nation by following a central Twitter comment for Pokemon Go.

While there is widespread disappointment by fans about a behind accessibility of a diversion in their segment or country, a further of region- or country-wide support is partially formed on how most bucket a servers can take, quite with general players.

Pokemon Go not accessible yet. Play anyway.

If it Pokemon Go is not in your nation nonetheless yet we still wish to play it anyways, know that Pokemon Go can be side-loaded in your phone. However, we contingency know that there’s a confidence concern with this unaccepted method.


APK providers like APKMirror and APKPure can be used to bucket and implement a game’s APK. Caution: we must scan a APK for antagonistic code and also, do download a APK from some devoted third-party APK provider only.


You only need to emanate an iTunes comment that is formed in a US to implement a game. Here is an easy to follow guide for we to do this.

supported phones

When we play on a side-loaded version, we competence knowledge an blunder warning like “This object is not accessible in your country”. There is no resolution to this, detached from watchful until a central chronicle of a diversion has rolled out for your country.

Supported Devices

For Android users, we need:

  • Android 4.4 or above
  • 720×1280 pixels shade (preferred)
  • GPS plcae services

For iPhone users, we need:

  • iPhone 5 and above
  • iOS 8 or above
  • GPS and Location services

For some-more info, click here. Note that a diversion is not optimized for Android tablets, as good as jailbroken iPhones.

Gameplay Problems

There are many aspects of a diversion that can't work if we do not have your mobile information or WiFi connection, GPS, plcae services, in operative order. Normally a diversion spells out categorically what a emanate is.

Q. Why does a diversion contend ‘No Internet connectivity’?

However, there will be many instances when we can’t be certain what a problem is even yet we know it’s a connectivity issue.

Here is a list of issues that tumble into this category:

  • The diversion is using behind and crashing in between
  • The plcae is taken or starts “drifting”. To repair this set a plcae mode to High accuracy in a Settings.

    • The tutor keeps walking on a singular spot
    • The AR choice is unavailable
    • The diversion is stranded after a login around a Google account
    • Premium equipment are not appearing in an account
    • Getting a “You Already Own This Item” error
    • The diversion freezes mid-catch or mid-battle
    • The white PokeBall spins continuously

  • Attempts to locate a Pokemon destroy repeatedly
  • The Incense or Lure procedure doesn’t work. Try changing or syncing a time on your device with a network time.

It is also probable that a server is experiencing a heavier-than-usual bucket (especially when so many people are personification a diversion during a same time).

Ensure that we have your diversion updated to a latest chronicle to get a latest diversion fixes.

Lagging or Distorted Audio

It has been reported that a sound effects or sound peculiarity for Pokemon Go is twisted or behind sometimes. This happens mostly to players who bond around Bluetooth devices. It is an emanate a makers are aware of and are reportedly operative on.

Meanwhile, do safeguard that we have gotten all a latest updates of a game.

How to Prolong Battery Life

Pokemon Go is a resource-hungry diversion to play so personification it for prolonged durations is going empty your battery life for sure. There is, however, an choice we can spin on within a diversion itself, and here’s how we do it:

  • Tap a PokeBall
  • Go to Settings idol during a tip right of a screen
  • Choose Battery Saver mode.

You will find your shade somewhat dimmed as we play. Alternatively, equivocate a Augmented Reality (AR) mode to reduce battery consumption.

Q. How to save battery life while personification Pokemon Go?

Nothing is display on a map

If we can't find Pokemons for an scarcely prolonged period, or if your tutor seems to be walking in a same spot, there are dual possibilities:

  1. Your diversion has crashed yet it isn’t apparent adequate for we to notice. If we can’t even find PokeStops afterwards it is time to restart your app, to see if this changes anything.
  2. You are in a remote or still area. You have a aloft possibility of spotting a Pokemon in more-populated places.
Why am we behind during Level 1?

If we find yourself behind during Level 1, with all your hard-earned swell gone, stay calm. You substantially incidentally logged into your comment via an swap login method.

To play Pokemon Go we can login in dual ways: around Google or around a Pokemon Trainer Club. The dual login methods concede we to play with dual apart accounts. So if we customarily play while logged in around Google, and we incidentally login around a Pokemon Trainer Club, we would not find all your swell and will have to start from block one.

To repair this, simply pointer out of your comment and pointer behind in around your common login method. All your swell will still be intact.

Q. Why my swell got reset behind to ‘Level 1’?

How to get some-more Pokemons

To get some-more Pokemons, we can revisit bustling places or go to PokeStops. It’s beheld by countless trainers around a universe that these creatures are customarily present circuitously PokeStops, swarming places (like malls, offices, parks, etc.) and famous or open places (like ancient monuments, museums, temples and churches, etc.).

You can also use Incense and Lure procedure (at PokeStops) to find some-more Pokemons. Also, throwing them during night and throwing them in vast groups (as one Pokemon is accessible for everybody to catch) gets improved formula than going for a hunt during a day or sport solo.

“My Pokemon Got Away”

Some players protest about not being means to locate their Pokemon, when it was “right there”. There are a few probable reasons:

  • The app is experiencing a server glitch or network issues during your attempt
  • The Pokemon is not circuitously enough. Try switching off a AR mode for a improved possibility or correctness while throwing Pokemons. Aim for a face/head.
  • You were soft banned since your GPS plcae altered too quickly. Under this ban, we won’t be means to use Pokestops or battle/train in gyms either. This is a technique to forestall intrigue (GPS spoofing). The anathema lasts for a few hours, yet we competence be means to bypass this by force quitting a app.
  • As your levels go aloft up, Pokemons turn most harder to catch.
Q. Why can’t we locate Pokemon?

Catching Rare Pokemons

To locate a singular Pokemons, we need to initial upgrade your trainer’s level. This means we need to locate a incomparable series of reduce turn Pokemons, even a ones we already have held and hatched previously. You can also power-up or evolve your Pokemons to benefit some-more XPs and boost your trainer’s level.

Q. How to locate a singular and ‘hard to catch’ Pokemons?

Training clever Pokemon

To make your Pokemon stronger, we have to earn equipment like PokeBalls and Potions or Stardust and Candy that will assistance we ascent your Pokemons. You can buy these or send Pokemons back. Remember to turn adult your Pokemons by clicking ‘POWER UP’ or ‘EVOLVE’ buttons. Pokemons also get stronger if we take them to battles during Gyms.

Q. How do we make my Pokemon stronger?

No entrance to circuitously gyms

Pokemon Go works in plcae recognition mode, so if your diversion can't brand your plcae due to a disruption in your phone’s data/Wi-Fi and GPS/Location services, we won’t be means to entrance a gym (in a Pokemon realm).

Pokemon eggs not hatching / has disappeared

To induce a Pokemon egg, put them into an incubator and afterwards travel for a given time. When we cover a compulsory distance, a egg will hatch, delivering a new Pokemon.

If a egg vanishes, afterwards substantially it has been already hatched and maybe we didn’t get a presentation since of server issues.

Also, do note that you must travel to induce eggs while Pokemon Go is opened on your phone’s shade else it competence skip your lonesome distance.

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