Parallax Scrolling Made Easy With StickyStack.js

Parallax effects squeeze courtesy fast. These effects keep certain backgrounds in view while scrolling down a page. You’ll find parallax scrolling on many websites and WordPress themes and they’re a vast partial of complicated web design.

You can also build a unique parallax style regulating a StickyStack.js plugin. It’s built on jQuery and keeps any categorical page territory stickied to a tip as we corkscrew down.

This creates a illusion of a layered website where any page “stacks” on tip of a other. It’s unequivocally cold and flattering easy to set adult on your own.

While it’s flattering easy to set up, it does need some bargain of frontend development.

You need to initial create particular page sections inside a categorical container. This approach you’ll have everything enclosed in a HTML, so we can aim all with a StickyStack jQuery function.

It also comes with a few options where we can customize a parent container, a elements that should stack, and a probable box shadow if we like that effect.

Here’s a sample bit of code from a GitHub page:

	containerElement: '.main-content-wrapper',
	stackingElement: 'section',
	boxShadow: '0 -3px 20px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25)'

While this hasn’t been updated in about dual years, it’s still a really arguable plugin. It worked in all a browsers we tested (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) with support for all versions of jQuery.

Plus, a minified record is only 2KB that is a decent distance for a plugin.

To learn more, revisit a main repo and see what StickyStack can offer. we consider it works best on single-page websites or landing pages with vast fullscreen backgrounds.

You can also check out a live demo on CodePen if we wanna see how this looks on a live site.

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