Nuance Power PDF: Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative

Editor’s note: This branded calm is brought to we by Nuance Communications, Inc.

If we ask we to name a application for working with PDFs, we might fast answer “Adobe Acrobat”. However, there are many affordable alternatives that work equally well; and Nuance Power PDF is one of a permitted nonetheless serviceable solutions to create, edit, convert, and do a lot some-more with PDFs.

Nuance Power PDF Advanced in WIndows 10Nuance Power PDF Advanced in WIndows 10

I am on a hunt for an affordable resolution for operative with PDFs, and let us see how Nuance Power PDF performs for me. So, in this minute post, we am going to try out a hearing chronicle of Nuance Power PDF Advanced and share my findings. Come on, dive in with me, and do share your feedback by comments.

First look? It is straightforward.

Let us speak about my initial confront with Nuance Power PDF Advanced. we find it easy and straightforward, interjection to a discerning interface.


When we initial non-stop Nuance Power PDF, we was happy to see a beautiful user interface. It has a same badge interface that we know from File Explorer in Windows 10 or applications of Microsoft Office 2016.

Nuance Power PDF with Ribbon InterfaceNuance Power PDF with Ribbon Interface

That means, we will need small training to get started with this app — all a options and collection are accessible in a informed and pleasing interface. Moreover, there is also a search bar to find an option or a apparatus quickly.


Power PDF avails lots of facilities and options for formulating and modifying PDFs. You can emanate a new PDF from a clipboard, a scanner, a file, or nothing (a vacant PDF). Using a record option, we can emanate a PDF from one or mixed files and also mix or conceal mixed PDFs into a singular PDF file.

Using a scanner option, we can use a OCR facilities to indicate sheets of paper (say, of a book) regulating a camera or a scanner and modify them to a PDF. we found its OCR does flattering good, though we might not see a same outcome with formidable essence contend an electricity check or a handwritten content material.

Once we have combined a PDF, we can modify it (not compulsory in box of a vacant PDF) to an editable PDF and use a modernized editor to revise a PDF like a content document. Its editor has all customary modifying features (which we find in Word) including options to insert photos and tables, lane changes, etc.

Advanced editor in Nuance Power PDFAdvanced editor in Nuance Power PDF

After we exit a modernized editor, we get returned to examination mode, that offers many some-more facilities to work with a PDF. You can add audio and video, 3D objects, notes, files, and some-more in this mode. You can also prominence text, emanate forms, do PDF tasks, conduct security, etc. in examination mode.

I favourite a Dragon Notes feature, that lets we speak to emanate notes though we found a debate approval was bit unsure and false — during slightest for me.

Review mode in Nuance Power PDFReview mode in Nuance Power PDF


Power PDF is a absolute apparatus for converting, merging, reducing, acid and pity PDF files. That said, if we are regulating freeware or a singular PDF solution, afterwards this apparatus might speed adult a approach we work with PDFs.

1. Convert from PDFs. Power PDF can't only modify opposite files to PDFs though can also modify PDFs to other files, distinct some other tools. Also, it keeps a formatting total during conversions. For example, if we need to revise a PDF record in Word, afterwards we can modify it to DOCX and revise a same in Word.

Convert from PDFs regulating Power PDFConvert from PDFs regulating Power PDF

2. Create searchable PDFs. You might know that all PDFs are not same and some of them are only a garland of photos (even if they enclose content in them). Such files are non-searchable — during slightest while regulating hunt collection or freeware PDF tools. But Power PDF can make them searchable, interjection to a OCR features.

3. Optimize revoke PDFs. You can optimize files to make them concordant with customary PDF (like “PDF 1.5”). You can also revoke a distance to reduction than half of a strange record size. Moreover, we can also opt to restrict objects, mislay nonessential elements, and embody some-more optimization options.

Optimize PDFs regulating Nuance Power PDFOptimize PDFs regulating Nuance Power PDF


Every business needs to strengthen a information and Power PDF offers countless options to secure your PDFs. You can plead PDFs, restrict to revise documents, supplement digital signatures, and conduct digital identities to configure entrance control. Interestingly, we can also supplement handwritten signatures to files in box we have an picture or a upheld device like a rodent or a touchscreen device.

Handwritten signature in Power PDFHandwritten signature in Power PDF


Power PDF allows we to create PDFs from roughly any app, interjection to Nuance PDF — a practical printer that lets we imitation to a PDF file. It offers a lot some-more copy options than “Microsoft Print to PDF”, however, we contingency use complement dialog to entrance them in few apps. Also, it avails a local extensions for Office applications that support modernized options to work with PDFs.

Nuance Power PDF's practical printerNuance Power PDF's practical printer

Moreover, it also gets well-integrated with a Windows Context Menu. That means we can work with a upheld files right from a desktop or a explorer. For example, by right-clicking an picture or content file, it shows an choice to modify a comparison record into a PDF though even opening Power PDF.

Pros: What did locate my eyes?

After regulating it for a while, we found many poignant facilities in Power PDF, that we am inventory next with my possess knowledge with them.

Touch support

Nuance Power PDF offers local support for touchscreen devices. What we found engaging is we can even capacitate a hold mode on a unchanging desktop, and in response, a app adds some-more space to a equipment in a interface. That said, we can capacitate a hold mode to see spacier ribbons and toolbars.

Power PDF has Mouse  Touch modesPower PDF has Mouse  Touch modes

Cloud storage

Power PDF supports several renouned cloud storage services including Evernote, Google Drive, and OneDrive. You can open and save files from and to these cloud services directly from this app. What astounded me is we can also open opposite files from mixed cloud services simultaneously.

PDF Portfolio

PDF Portfolio is a singular underline of Power PDF, that allows we to store associated files in a singular PDF. You can consider it as a docile repository of mixed files of opposite record forms along with their metadata. What we favourite is this enclosure retains a strange confidence settings of files and folders combined in it, so we do not need to re-configure these settings for a enclosed items.

Create PDF Portfolio in Power PDFCreate PDF Portfolio in Power PDF

Forms in PDFs

Using a absolute form features, we can create and place forms inside PDFs, that we can email or share with other people. Its FormTyper apparatus can even convert non-fillable PDFs into fillable forms automatically. That is not all; we can also modify partial or all of a form to other request formats.

Nuance Power PDF avails FormTyperNuance Power PDF avails FormTyper

Among your forms, we can embody mixed form elements including checkbox, radio, textbox, button, etc. Also, it lets we import and trade data from and to upheld record types, easing a routine of form management.

Batch processing

Nuance Power PDF packs in mixed options and collection to promote collection processing, that is only useful when we need to routine lots of PDFs. Its collection converter lets we modify PDFs, and a sequencer allows running a set of commands on one or mixed PDF files. For example, regulating a sequencer, we can supplement watermark, hunt and redact, insert or undo pages, and do more.

Edit Sequence in Nuance Power PDFEdit Sequence in Nuance Power PDF

Cons: What can still be improved?

In annoy of all a goodness, Power PDF does have a room for alleviation and next are my commentary as good as few suggestions for a destiny versions.

Better installer

While installing a hearing chronicle of Power PDF Advanced, we beheld a package comes as a self-extracting zip, that extracts a designation files and launches a installer automatically. While installing a app, a installer unsuccessful with a summary revelation disaster while installing “VC Runtime 2015”.

However, we was means to crop a designation files and implement a 64-bit chronicle myself though installing a unsuccessful runtime. we am not certain if it was compulsory or if it unsuccessful for some emanate on my system, though we design a installer to yield blunder sum and some probable resolution as well. Also, if possible, it shall though implement a app with a warning summary about a unsuccessful runtime.

Nuance Power PDF Advanced's installerNuance Power PDF Advanced's installer

Moreover, a installer’s interface can be softened to make a whole designation knowledge a zephyr for a users. we consider people will adore a polished installer with improved demeanour feel, a purify designation window with modernized options dark behind a button, and an interactive and intelligent installer engine.

Tabbed interface

At a time of writing, we found Nuance Power PDF Advanced opens each record in a new instance or window. Though it is not an emanate until we open mixed files during once nonetheless a tabbed interface will make me adore it even more. However, it is my personal preference, and also, it is value observant that Microsoft Office 2016 apps like Word and Excel do not have a tabbed interface as well.

Power PDF is blank tabbed interfacePower PDF is blank tabbed interface

Refined interface

Though Power PDF has a pleasing interface (even if compared to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC) nonetheless we find there is a room for alleviation here and there. Although these are not critical adequate to mangle your work process, we consider we will conclude these minor improvements in a interface.

For example, while regulating Dragon Notes, we found it has no start or stop buttons; it merely starts recording when we click on it and stops recording when we press a tighten button. With start and stop buttons (and a pause, if we ask me), we can dictate during my will and even take a mangle in between if needed.

Keyboard shortcuts

I could not assistance though notice that we was not means to use keyboard shortcuts in a modernized editor. For example, in a modernized editor, we attempted regulating Ctrl + B to make some content bold, and to my surprise, it did not work until we clicked a confidant symbol from a badge toolbar. we found few shortcuts work in examination mode (like shortcuts to find, uncover ruler, etc.) though nothing works in a modernized editor.

PDF from a web page

Though Power PDF packs lots of options to emanate PDFs nonetheless we skip a underline to generate a PDF from a web page, that is accessible in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. we find this underline helps emanate offline versions of websites, that infer useful in many cases, contend if we are travelling with no or a unsure web connection. But we found it has a analogous browser plugin that does roughly a same task.

How is Advanced over Standard?

Nuance Power PDF Advanced, that is specially built for businesses, is a some-more absolute chronicle of Power PDF Standard. It packs in all a goodies from a customary chronicle and offers some some-more to accommodate business needs.

1. Support for request government systems. Power PDF Advanced supports many obvious craving request government systems like SharePoint, OpenText eDOCS, HP WorkSite, Livelink, Worldox, and many more.

2. Redact feature. You can redact supportive information from papers regulating a modernized chronicle of Power PDF. It allows we to black out or white out, i.e., hide/delete some information while display rest of it in any PDF.

Power PDF Advanced supports redact featurePower PDF Advanced supports redact feature

3. Bates stamping. Power PDF Advanced supports labeling or numbering a PDFs regulating Bates stamping. It helps your business to symbol and brand a PDFs with marker or copyright info like association name, logo, etc.

4. Watched folder. You can use a watched folder to emanate PDFs automatically with a modernized chronicle of Power PDF. It allows we to place any record in a watched folder and it will auto-create a PDF for a record per settings.

Power PDF Advanced avails watched folderPower PDF Advanced avails watched folder

Shall we opt for Nuance Power PDF?

Nuance Power PDF Advanced packs in many facilities for an affordable cost. Moreover, it comes for a one-time fee, that proves approach some-more cheaper than a subscription. And if we are a home or a infrequent user, we can opt for a customary chronicle to save even some-more for roughly a same set of features.

That said, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC requires we to opt for a subscription (it is no longer accessible for a one-time fee) during 24.99 USD/month or 179.88 USD/year. However, Nuance Power PDF Advanced costs we a one-time fee of USD 149.99 and a customary chronicle with fewer business facilities will cost only USD 99.99.

Last though not a least, let me remind we that Nuance Power PDF offers a 30-day trial for Advanced Version and 14 days for a Standard version. So we can see for yourself by opting for a hearing chronicle and perplexing out a absolute features.

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