Now UI Kit – Definitive Bootstrap 4 GUI

As frontend developers energetically wait a official recover of Bootstrap 4, we’re skimming detailed guides covering a overwhelming new features. However, a desirous will dive right into BootStrap 4 and start training how it works today. That’s where a GUI container can help.

Creative Tim expelled a Now UI Kit when Bootstrap 4 was still in early alpha development. But, it’s one of a best UI kits out there and it’s really a best one for BootStrap 4 sites.

The container supports all standard Bootstrap components and it’s totally giveaway to use and edit.

It takes UI pattern to a whole new turn by customizing radio buttons, checkboxes, and even adding tradition on/off sliders. Text inputs have their own styles for success/failure for validation checking and give we full control over all these styles in CSS.

Want even improved news? This UI container comes in both tender HTML/CSS and digital PSD/Sketch files. So, we can indeed ridicule adult an whole Bootstrap 4 blueprint in Photoshop and afterwards formula a blueprint regulating this container on tip of BS4. Cool, right?

Creative Tim even went so distant as to create full demo layouts for a landing page and a profile page. Two overwhelming examples of what we can do with this UI container and a small Bootstrap knowledge.

Now UI form demoNow UI form demo

One other cold underline of this UI container is a free iconset. This container comes with 100 tradition icons, designed privately for this container and they’re expelled for free, along with a Now UI elements.

And, did we discuss all a free components, too? You can set adult picture carousels, tabbed widgets, dropdown menus, date pickers, tradition modal windows, overtly all you’d need for a formula new website.

There’s no denying it: Now UI is the UI container for Bootstrap 4. If we wanna tinker with a library without carrying it feel like Bootstrap afterwards you’ll wish a duplicate of a Now UI Kit.

For a live demo of all a features, check out a main page including components, too. You’ll find download links for a formula library and a PSD/Sketch files, along with support to get all those components set adult in your possess layout.

And, if we get this adult on a live website be certain to share your plan with Creative Tim on Twitter @creativetim.

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