No More! Helps You Track & Stop Bad Habits

All of us have a sold robe that we’re not unapproachable of. For some, it could be smoking; for others, it could be alcohol. While quitting your bad habits is a worthy task, doing so is by no means easy. In sequence to make a whole routine a small bit easier, an app called “No More!” might assistance we with a ordeal.

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Quite like a time tracking app for productivity, No More! is an Android app that keeps lane of your robe violation progress. You submit a robe we wish to mangle into a app, and it would send we a presentation each day that asks if you’ve restrained from doing what it is you’ve inputted for a day.

habit to quithabit to quit

To make a whole tracking thing a small some-more interactive, No More! comes with achievements that we can clear after reaching certain milestones. For those who need a small motivation, a app also comes with some inspirational quotes that we can cycle through.

goal remindergoal reminder

In a eventuality that a robe you’re perplexing to mangle is quite serious, No More! comes with customizable in-app shortcuts that lets we bookmark certain websites or communities. Additionally, we can supplement phone numbers to a by-pass list only for “worst box scenario” purposes.

worst box scenarioworst box scenario

Upon reaching a 100 day mark, No More! will automatically symbol your try to mangle a robe as completed. After that, we can select to mangle another bad robe of yours, or continue to guard your progress.

While No More! is certainly accessible for gripping lane of your swell towards violation your habit, you’ll still need willpower of your possess to succeed.

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