My Business – Google’s Very Own Website Builder

Starting adult a elementary web-based business can be intimidating, deliberation a fact that you’ll need to emanate a website of your own. Thankfully, this sold problem can now be remedied rather simply as Google has launched a My Business website builder to a public.

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Available as partial of Google’s My Business suite, this sold website builder is accessible for all to use. However, before you’re means to erect a website of your own, you’ll initial need to register your business on a My Business platform. Doing so is only a matter of stuffing adult a supposing form with your business’ particulars.

my business suitemy business suite

Once a form is submitted, you’ll be brought to a website builder page. From here, you’ll be given a choice to name your website’s theme, revise a content on a website, and add photos to it in sequence to make a website demeanour some-more personable.

Once a website has been mutated to your liking, we can “live” it simply by clicking a Publish symbol located during a top right palm corner of a screen.

click publishclick publish

There is no denying that Google’s website builder is rather simplistic. Considering a fact that a apparatus is indeed meant to be used by tiny businesses rather than vast corporations, it isn’t too startling that websites combined by this apparatus tend to be rather basic.

While a apparatus might not be a many sophisticated, startups that are looking to settle an online participation of their possess shouldn’t pass adult on this particularly accessible tool.

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